Numismatics in the Netherlands – a personal impression

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by cplradar, Oct 23, 2021.

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    An interesting read and one I haven't read before. For me at least that's understandable because of it's subject matter - the lack of work/research being done on Dutch numismatics. I was always searching for info about Dutch numismatics, not work speaking to the lack of it. That's something I was all too well aware of several years before Pol wrote this in 2008, as he obviously was also. But that lack of published work was one of the reasons I began my own research into Dutch numismatics, particularly regarding their gold ducats, about 2002.

    And even though I played a large part in producing what I and notable others, Arthur Friedberg, Laurens Schulman, and Jan Pelsdonk among them, consider to be one of the most important works done on the subject and published in 2015, I would also say that there is still largely little work being published. At least little that I am aware of.

    I am aware of a book or two that have been produced recently by my former student Dariusz Jasek, and also aware that Gold Ducats Of The Netherlands - Vol. Two is currently being written. I can only hope that there is other work and research by others being done for it is an area of numismatics, a very important area, that has long been neglected.
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    I don't have much in regard to coins from the Netherlands. I did buy several certified coins and coin sets. They are all rate PF or MS 70. They are put away with my other coins from other countries than the U.S. The work is beautiful.
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    If you can get 16th Century samples at those grades, the sky is the limit.
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