Featured Nice Domitian & Domitia Provincial Æ from Anazarbus

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    A new purchase! The coin is easy to attribute because it is dated and was struck with a very limited set of dies. Mine is a double die-match to the RPC example.

    Post your coins of Domitian and Domitia, Anazarbus, or whatever you feel is relevant.


    Caesarea ad Anazarbus (Greek Ἀναζαρβός, modern Ağaçli) was a city of the ancient province of Cilicia in what is now south-central Turkey. It was originally founded by the Assyrians but was largely abandoned by Roman imperial times. The original native settlement was refounded by the Romans in 19 BC, following a visit by Augustus. The coinage of this city is typically dated relative to the year of its refounding. Among cities in Cilicia, it was second only to Tarsus in population.

    The city was home to Oppian (Greek Ὀππιανός), a minor Greco-Roman poet active during the reigns of Marcus Aurelius and Commodus.

    Under Diocletian, Cilicia was divided into two provinces and Anazarbus was made capital of one of them, Cilicia Secunda. Anazarbus was an archbishopric under the Byzantine Empire. After its devastation by earthquakes in the 6th century, it was rebuilt, first as Justinopolis, later as Justinianopolis.

    Domitian and Domitia Anazarbus.jpg
    Domitian, AD 81-96, and Domitia, AD 82-96.
    Roman provincial Æ 24 mm, 9.45 g.
    Cilicia, Anazarbus, city year 112 = AD 93/4.
    Obv: ΑΥΤΟ ΚΑΙ ΘΕ ΥΙ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΣ ΣΕ ΓΕΡ, laureate head of Domitian, right; behind, star.
    Rev: ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΩΝ ΔΟΜΕΤΙΑ ⳞΕΒΑⳞΤΗ, ΙΒ-Ρ (in field), draped bust of Domitia, left.
    Refs: RPC II 1749; SNG France 2019-20; BMC 9; Ziegler 76 (obv 1/rev 3); SNG Levante 1374.
    Notes: Double die match to RPC specimen (Roma Numismatics XVIII, 29 Sept. 2019, lot 758 (ex Künker 236, 7 Oct. 2013, lot 1025)) and the SNG Levante plate coin.

    This is the RPC example for comparison:

    Domitian and Domitia Anazarbus RPC plate.jpg
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    Sometimes provincial portraits are really bad. This is not one of those occasions! Very interesting portraits, both sides :)
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    Wow, nice capture!


    RProv Domitia Lydia Philadelphia AE 16 Grape Bunch RPC 1336
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    Cngratulations on the worthy addition.
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    Beautiful coins
  7. ancient times

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    legenda est, et emit orbem terrarum in illa mystica quarta per denarios de terries!
    (a world of mystic and legend is bought fourth through the coins from the earth)
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    Nice write-up and great coin!
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    Thanks, @Roman Collector, for the excellent write-up! I have two nice coins from Anazarbus.

    3251 Anazarbos ct.jpg

    AE Severus Alexander (222-235). Anazarbus in Cilicia. Obv. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Rev. Nike, trophy over her shoulder, in biga stepping right. 26/29 mm, 15.87 gr. Cf. RPC 7344 (8 pcs), 7382, 7383, 7409 e.d.

    3294 panther ct.jpg

    AE27 Valerianus (253-260), 253/4. Anazarbos in Cilicia. Obv: AVT K Π ΛIK OVAΛEPIANOC CE. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: ANAZAPBOV / Γ - Γ / ET BOC A M K. Dionysos seated left on panther (leopard: spotted!) crouching right. 27 mm, 14.62 gr. ET BOC = Year 272 = 253/4. SNG Kopenhagen 56. Cf. cat. CNG N.McQ. Holmes nr. 766.
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