Marcus Aurelius

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    Marcus Aurelius Ar Denarius 176-177 AD, Obv Head right laureate. Rv Pile of captured arms consisting of Shields a vexelium and carnyx RIC363 3.26 grms 18 mm Photo by W. Hansen maureliusd12.jpg This denarius celebrates the successful campaigns conducted by Marcus Aurelius against the Macromanni which led him to celebrate a triumph in 176 AD.
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    Thanks buddy, past few months have been crazy. A coin dealer I know died of covid a few weeks ago and his wife died two days me back to the coin side of life...I had been playing rock star again and next week school of Berkeley for music coaching stuff for a month Then a Big out door Festival end of oct my band plays, which got me a deal where I made a trade for a old fender amp that turned out to be highly collectable (Eric Clapton 60's amp) so I am going to get a few coins I would of never of bought other wise with that cash. Life can turn on a dime at any second.
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  4. ominus1

    ominus1 When in Rome, do as the Romans do Supporter'd say an amp owned by Eric would be good provenance...kool deal!
  5. DonnaML

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    I have fewer Marcus Aurelius coins than I would like. Perhaps the one I most want would be an example of the denarius with Antoninus Pius on the obverse, and Marcus Aurelius as Caesar on the reverse. There are always a number available, so perhaps I'm being too picky, but the ones I've seen for sale have never been nice enough for me to want to buy any of them.

    In any event, here are a few I do have, ranging from beardless youth to deceased Emperor.

    Use Marcus Aurelius Caesar, RIC 429(a), RSC 110 (DML coin, beardless).jpg

    COMBINED Marcus Aurelius - Providentia.jpg

    Marcus Aurelius sestertius jpg version (Marcus Aurelius & Italia on reverse).jpg

    Divus Marcus Aurelius - eagle reverse jpg version (Harlan J Berk).jpg
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    Marcus Aurelius 161–180 A.D. Denarius RIC III 163
    Laureate head right
    Victory standing facing, head right, holding palm and fixing to a palm-tree a shield inscribed VIC PAR in two lines.

    also see Cohen 878

    I believe this was struck 166 after his co-Emperor Lucius partied in Daphne while their generals won the war. Not a bad way to be emperor when it works!


    Here's what the next valley over looks like, as Daphne is built up.!1sVnAfeb6UO4mrztuy30_Hrg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
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    ..hehe...its all in who's writing the story..:)
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