Let's see your newest precious metal acquisitions!

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by papermoney54, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. papermoney54

    papermoney54 Coin Collector

    I know that somewhere there was a thread going on your newest precious metal acquisitions. I've seen this on other forums in CT but I couldn't find one for bullion and precious metals. So I figured I'd start one for here. Whatever you stack, silver , gold or copper. If I'm going to show you mine, I want to see yours. So here's the 1964 silver dime I got the other day from coin roll hunting 1964-2.jpg 1964-1.jpg
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  3. Noah Finney

    Noah Finney Well-Known Member

    My newest coins.................... SDC10636.JPG SDC10629.JPG SDC10631.JPG SDC10632.JPG
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  4. WashQuartJesse

    WashQuartJesse Member Supporter

    Hello Paper,

    I may be mistaken and the thread could be different than what you're referring to, but a half a dozen or so threads down right now, there's one running called "What have you added to your collection/investment lately? (Cited from: https://www.cointalk.com/forums/gold-silver-coins/)"

    Depending on if that's what you were looking for or not, you could always request this be deleted and transfer the above posts there?

    The silver bug has bit me again and that's where I'm planning to post my recents. Nice find btw!
  5. Kidmelody

    Kidmelody Member

    A gift for my son who loves spiders

    20180728_230853.jpg 20180728_230842.jpg
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  6. papermoney54

    papermoney54 Coin Collector

    Today's LCS haul Proof set shilling2.jpg
    Proof set shilling 1.jpg
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