Kona Dollar - please help me identify

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by spiraltreet, Nov 10, 2005.


Is this really a coin?

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  1. coin from Hawai?

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  2. 1976 coin?

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  1. spiraltreet

    spiraltreet New Member

    i got this coin from a friend. I'm unable to locate this in the catalogue. If anyone can tell me what it is , i'd be greatful. I'm also not sure whether this is actually a coin.. On the reverse of this coin, 'ALOHA' is inscribed and below 'KONA' followed by 'Chamber of Commerce'..

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  3. karrlot

    karrlot Senior Member

    A friend of mine went to Hawaii and brought me back a silver dollar sized coin. I think it was in 2002 and it was dated. It was distributed by the chamber of commerce and is good for $1 at local merchants. It is a very pretty coin.
  4. spiraltreet

    spiraltreet New Member

    thanx for the reply mate...
  5. Krasnaya Vityaz

    Krasnaya Vityaz Always Right

    I have one of these lying around somewhere. A friend told me he had a dollar coin from Hawaii and I was hoping against hope that it was the 1883 version, but no. I took it anyway and keep it as a curiousity
  6. Mikjo0

    Mikjo0 Numismatist

    For anyone who might have missed the first posting :)

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  7. spiraltreet

    spiraltreet New Member

    hi thanx for the replies... But can anyone say for certain whether this is really a coin?
  8. Defiant7

    Defiant7 Enjoy the Insanity

    From 1976 I would to say it is some kind of token, most likley sold as a souvenier.
  9. Krasnaya Vityaz

    Krasnaya Vityaz Always Right

    It is not a coin, but a municipally issued token by a chamber of commerce. These were fairly common in Hawaii and Alaska, a lot of people would save them as a souvenir and the chamber of commerce would then make a profit.
  10. satootoko

    satootoko Retired

    Krasnaya Vityaz has fully answered your question.

    Holding a poll on this makes almost as much sense as holding a poll on whether or not the sun rises in the east. Coin-sized pieces of metal issued by chambers of commerce, even if they are accepted in trade by member merchants, are tokens, not coins.

    Anyhow, since 1898 Hawaii has either been a possession or a state of the United States, and if you check your U.S. Constitution, you'll find that the only authorized issuer of coins under the American Flag is the federal government.
  11. spiraltreet

    spiraltreet New Member

    hi... thanx a lot for all your replies and everything is quite clear about this coin.. I'm fairly new to this site.. and its been really nice to have your opinions and suggestions.... thanx again..
  12. karrlot

    karrlot Senior Member

    I was surfing on Ebay and came across some of these (or similar). It looks like these are issued by various chambers of commerce: Honolulu, Kona, Maui, Hilo, etc. That would be a neat set of coins to collect. The last time my friend went over, she said she couldn't find one on Maui. Maybe its not an every year thing.
  13. JonySky

    JonySky Senior Member

  14. cam reynolds

    cam reynolds New Member

  15. cam reynolds

    cam reynolds New Member

    yes it is real.i have some from 1973. they are each worth about $32.00 each. google it.
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