Is this coin of Justinian tooled or not?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Herberto, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Herberto

    Herberto Well-Known Member


    I found this beautiful coin of Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire on a seller's list in vcoins, and I was wondering whether it is tooleed or not.

    I don't intend to buy it at all, but Justinian's hair caused me to think whether it is tooled or not.


    What is your opinion in case you have any?

    Have a nice day.
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  3. Black Friar

    Black Friar Well-Known Member

    I see no evidence of tooling. It would fit into my Byz coin box quite nicely.
  4. ominus1

    ominus1 Supporter! Supporter

    ..i would be suspect...smoothing at the least...
  5. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    I say no tooling and only light smoothing. You can tell from the diiference between the open fields and inbetween the letters on reverse that the coin has been brushed. Nice coin indeed. My 2 cents.
  6. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Well-Known Member

    Your photos aren't good enough to make a determination ;).
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  7. robinjojo

    robinjojo Supporter! Supporter

    Judging from the photo I agree that the coin was cleaned, but not unduly (no hairlines or scratches that I can see). The strike looks particularly nice and the style is good for this period.
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  8. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter 3rd Century Usurper

    I just think it is a good example of the type
  9. Herberto

    Herberto Well-Known Member

    I forgot to write "thanks" at the end of my post, so I just want to say thanks a lot.

    Yeah, I also noted that the image is a bit unsharp/blurry when you click on it and enlarge it.
  10. GinoLR

    GinoLR Well-Known Member

    What happened to the INI letters? (DNIVSTINI ANVSPPAVC)
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