How long to roll $340 worth of JFK halves?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by NateBe123, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. NateBe123

    NateBe123 New Member

    I have to roll $340 worth of JFK halves. Anybody have experience rolling JFK half dollars?

    It seems like it would go faster and be easier than rolling pennies.

    I'll let you know how long it takes me to do it later tonight.

    I'm shooting for under an hour.
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  3. nds76

    nds76 New Member

    Be sure to hang on to the silver Kennedy's...

  4. cladking

    cladking Coin Collector

    8 to 15 minutes.

    Grab out handfuls with your dominant hand and transfer them to your other hand in such a way that they stack in your hand. Set the stacks down as you make them until you have all the coins in stacks lined up adjacent to one another. Count out ten coins and make another stack the same height. Put these two stacke together to make a roll on the side of your none dominant hand and then even out all the stacks to the same height. Look at it from the side to be sure they're the same. You may have to count a stack or two but usually not with half dollars.

    Pick them up and slide them a little sideways into rolls from the non dononant side with the non dominant hand. Slide them into the roll until you hit your other finger. Crimp both ends at once and place in pile next to empty wrappers.

    It takes a little practice but it can go very fast especially with the larger coins. You might check to be sure they really need to be wrapped since many banks won't even accept them if they're wrapped.
  5. pcrdnadave

    pcrdnadave Senior Member

    I take all my bulk halves to a local casino and cash em in there. It's fast and they don't give it a second thought.
  6. NateBe123

    NateBe123 New Member

    I finally rolled the coins. Actually it was $360. I did all of them in 1 hour and 23 seconds. They were much easier to roll than any other coin I've rolled. Thanks for the advice cladking. Putting them in stacks saved me a good amount of time.
  7. Kyra

    Kyra New Member

    Sorry I didn't get to this earlier, I proably would have given you the same advice as cladking about rolling coin. I'm the vault teller at the bank, and guess who gets to roll the coin when the trays get low? :rolleyes: After five years I've gotten pretty good at it, and you're right, the halves are by far the easiest to roll. I'll have to time myself the next time I roll coin (probably tomorrow) and see how long it takes me. One piece of advice that no one has mentioned- I wouldn't necessarily trust those plastic counting tubes. I don't know if you use those when you roll coin, but they're not always accurate. One slightly bent coin can mess the whole thing up! Did you find any silver in your halves?

    Rachel :p
  8. Kyra

    Kyra New Member

    I had one of my co-workers time me while I was rolling coin today- I averaged 27 seconds for a roll of quarters, 32 seconds for cents, and 37 seconds for dimes. Dang those dime wrappers! The boss walked by while we were doing this and just shook his head. He's a collector too so he doesn't mind me sitting there searching through the loose coin. :cool:

    Rachel :p
  9. coinsngolf

    coinsngolf Member

    Kyra, I'll bet those fingers were tired and sore when you got home and Dad probably had sandwiches for dinner!
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