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Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Tyler Graton, Apr 2, 2017.

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    When you have a chat site like this, it is open to all and everyone has the right to their opinion. If you wish this site to grow, then respect others points of view just like you want yours to be accepted. I assume most collectors are let's say older than average. We need to encourage younger ones to join in and become collectors. Otherwise the value of your coins will fall if the demand declines. Many of the younger generation have less interest in buying cars, homes, having checking accounts. Values are changing so let's be a bit more understanding. As the song goes "walk a mile in my shoes before you critize and accuse." Thanks for listening
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    It's quite obvious by your comment you never had to rely on an alternate inexpensive transportation. A book will not get you to your job. Most books will not give you a cardiovascular workout. I have used rollerskates and skateboard and 10 speed bike.
    Whatever it takes I think the young man made a good decision. USMC60
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  4. bryantallard

    bryantallard show me the i can look through it

    first off I have had to use inexpensive transportation. it's called shoe leather express. I didn't rely on something with wheels to do the job for me. 2ndly... buying a book to increase your knowledge helps you learn so you can profit. and 3rdly... it's obvious you didn't read their comment, because at NO point did they mention that the skateboard was for exercise or mention using it to get to/from a job. they said they use the skateboard for transportation. if that's the case, use it to go to the library and research. you have internet? use it! you don't need to BUY anything. leave facebook and twitter alone and learn. EVERYTHING I learned...I learned RIGHT HERE from all the helpful, kind people. you have to WANT to learn. if you do...they will help.
  5. bryantallard

    bryantallard show me the i can look through it

    kids have less interest because it's the parents fault (no offense) when I was a kid I had to do chores to earn money. if I didn't do them, I didn't get paid for that chore. I wanted a new video game that cost $25... I had to work 5 weeks of various chores to EARN that money and then learn how to SAVE that money. these days kids are given everything. I didn't have a tv in my room until 15. kids now have a tv, a game system, a laptop, internet, a cell phone, name brand clothes, parents that will drive them anywhere,etc. they are told but not taught. no more family dinners at the kitchen table. no more week vacations camping. some do... but it's a dying breed.
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    The only one that can speak intelligently about the young man is the young gentleman himself. Whatever the gentleman uses a skateboard for is his business. And it seems some of us a little more innovative in our way of getting around then just wearing out a pair of shoes.

    And partner as far as books go. When someone comes to me let's say they want to learn how to survival fish. A week prior to their class I have them do all the research they can possibly do to learn about what they want me to teach them.

    When the Saturday comes I usually pick the individual up and take a nice little drive to the Florida Everglades. To start my class I give them some fishing line and a hook and a small pocket knife. I usually pick one of the many boat ramps. Now this individual has had a whole week to read whatever books and do whatever research on the Internet. I usually give them about an hour to catch a fish with just what I gave them. I have found only about 2% are able to catch a fish within an hour.

    The point I'm trying to make is books are good information is good you increase your knowledge most people have a hard time applying their knowledge. Sometimes especially in a situation that I put them in you have to be creative and be able to think out of the book.

    I hope CT is not your only place for information. Yes CT has some very knowledgeable people on coin talk, and it also has and overabundance of factfinders. Let's just say they belong to the CT research department. It's not hard for an individual to sit at a computer and look up information. If you haven't notice most of the responses they are right out of the book. So it makes that individual look like he or she knows what they're talking about. In reality they're just very good in research.

    Basically what I'm saying is don't believe everything someone says, don't believe everything you read. Use a little common sense in life and it get you far.
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  7. Tyler Graton

    Tyler Graton Well-Known Member

    ....... ‍♂️
    What the hell?!
    How does this happen?
    I barley say how I feel and everyone's waiting to attack me.. if you guys are so damn smart why don't you guys leave me alone if you always want to act like you got all the answers on how to live my life. My excuse, isn't my parents, or my choices in life, I have many impairments that make it harder for me. I'll just come out and say it. I have turrets syndrome, and that amplifies my anxiety, and also plays a big role in amplifying my ADHD, or in my eyes my turrets syndrome produces ADHD because i would sure like to see you guys try to focus while your body is constantly moving on its own, twitching, jerking and convulsing. The fact that I am here trying to learn with all these imparments should impress you, but I'm sure my "bad attitude" doesn't help. At least I have an excuse for a bad attitude, and at least I'll admit I have a bad attitude, but I find it funny how particular people will never see it because they always remain neutral. Something you guys don't have. And I hope the good people on this thread, know who I am talking to. I read everything and to say that walking is better than skateboarding is stupid. Skateboarding helps my turrets because it keeps me strong. You could walk yourself to death and barley gain anything. Plus skateboarding is faster so idk why this even came to be a conversation. EVERYONE will do what they want. If you pick on that simple fact, all i see in you, is the bully at school that picked on m cause his mom didnt love him enough. Oh yeah, why have a checking account if I'm always having to pay overdraft fees because I don't have much money. You guys are [language] and I'm sure ppl would agree with me. Funny how ppl don't care about their reputation when their face ain't out here. Thank you to the people that came to my defense. You do make a difference, and I learned a lot more about people than I did about coins I'll tell you that.
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  8. usmc60

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    Tyler Graton
    The good people on coin talk far outnumber the inconsiderate edited.
    You will find good people on this site that will work with you, they have given me that courtesy and I appreciate it. And Tyler I know it's easier said than done just ignore them. USMC60 AM-1.jpg 2up-2.jpg
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  9. Tyler Graton

    Tyler Graton Well-Known Member

    You couldn't have said it any better. Especially with them pictures thanks again buddy
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  10. Pickin and Grinin

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    We like having you around, @Tyler Graton, Don't go anywhere, the reason that books and education in this field is so important, is that their are billions upon billions of coins out there.
    Finding a niche and understanding what to look for? I am not sure that anyone here can help you with that. Reading what is on the web, from reputable sources and re-reading these things, will only help you.
    As far as, being dealt the hand that you were given, Sounds like you need to keep your focus and collect what you like, Finding errors and Variety's doesn't happen over night, It takes some good folk around you to help you make the right choices. Good luck and Happy Hunting!
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  11. CatW

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    @usmc60 ....You are a class act! And, thank you for your service!
    @Tyler Graton ...don't take it so personal. Some of these people can be Jack wagons one minute and then helpful kind hearts the next. Just do what I started doing, keep track of their menstrual cycle then you will know the right time to post and the right time to sit back and wait....LOL.
    Happy Birthday!
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