Help with value of Old Notes???

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by huntsman53, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. huntsman53

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    Hey Coin Talk Folks,

    I was wondering if you all could help me with the value of some Old U.S. Notes??!! If they have not been sold, I have the opportunity to make an offer on all three.

    #1 is an 1899 $5 Note "Sioux Chief" in VG to near F condition. From the picture, the Note looks slightly dirty looking but there are no visible folds and only slight buggering of the corners.

    #2 is an 1907 $5 "Wood Chopper" in what appears to be VF+ condition. There are no folds visible and only a couple of corners have veryt slight fold in visible.

    #3 is an 1899 $1 "Black Eagle" in what appears to be F to almost VF condition. There is one visible fold across the center of the Note horizontally and ever so slight buggering of the corners.

    I am hoping that you all can give me an idea as to their actual value and an idea as to an offer I should make! I am sorry that I can't post pictures! The pictures were printed out on one sheet of paper and I do not have a scanner to scan them and any photos would not come out.

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  3. RickieB

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    My answers to:

    #1. What a Dealer might charge you would be $475 to $500 for a note in "F" condition. Book list would be about 20% less.

    #2. Spielman/White Sigs in that condition a Dealer might charge you $425.00 to $450.00 Book at ~20% less

    #3. The Signatures on the Note will vary the pricing..but in general, $75 to $375 in those grades and the more difficult sigs being the higher priced notes.

    Those are my estimates...I am sure someone els will come along and provide a range as well. I do not have a Green Sheet, I am just going off of past auctions in late 2008.

  4. huntsman53

    huntsman53 Supporter**


    Thanks for the response and the information! The Signatures are somewhat hard to read and without my bookn right now, I will give you what I can read. Maybe with what I can read, you will be able to determine whi the signers were and the values.

    #1 1st is J.W. and what looks like an "F" or "T" for the first letter of the last name. The 2nd is Ellis H. Roberts.

    #2 is definitely Spielman and White.

    #3 is Houston B. and what looks like a "T" but could be a "D" for the first letter in the last name. The 2nd is John Brooke or Benke or other. The neat thing about this note is the Serial Number which is X2123620X

  5. RickieB

    RickieB Expert Plunger Sniper


    That note would be FR#271 Lyons/Roberts (a better sig combo)

    The Black Eagle is either Parker/Burke or Teehee/Burke both of those are common and range from $65 to $100

    Pics would help alot!

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