Gettysburg Vacation

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by dimeguy, May 16, 2022.

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    C6BEF7D8-D8EE-4661-83D0-AB5C436677DB.jpeg F450FF15-50BD-4759-9677-A7AA6CD4D0EC.jpeg M. Sullivan & Sutler (rare)
    From the junk bin at LCS
    Sold it for $368 last year
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    Years ago when I was young, my wife and I parked the car where the cyclorama used to be. We did the 12.1 mile hike. It went down the Union lines past all the memorials then into the woods. When we left the trees we found ourselves at Roundtop. Off through the countryside and found ourselves at the barn that was a hospital for the wounded. Then we got over to the Confederate lines and walked back ending up at the monument for General Lee. From there you could see where we started so off we hiked.

    It was a mile long if not a bit more. Flat and not a place to hide. No logs or down trees, not even a small depression to get in. You go across 2 split rail log fences held up by X posts. Then slightly uphill to a low rocky area. This was the path of General Picket’s charge and the Union troops were in that rocky area. Not just soldiers with rifles but cannons. Those cannons fire 4 different types of charges.

    One of which was heavily used there was a cannon ball that when fired would open up and release over 50 shots. It took about 12-14 men to man one cannon and those cannons were loud. As I crossed that field I used my imagination and I swear to you that I could hear those cannons firing and the bullets whizzing past my ears. I could also hear the moans and death cries of those southern soldiers. I could also smell the spent gunpowder. I’ll never forget it.

    The entire hike was fantastic but that last mile made me realize for the first time in my life what it was like on that battlefield and it was a three day battle. I’ve been to many a Civil War battlefield and cemetery and as bad as Antietam was in the one day, the bloodiest one day of the war, Gettysburg was worse overall.

    @dimeguy Enjoy your time time there. It’s an incredible place. Fully of history. They are still finding artifacts in that area. In the town of Gettysburg, there is a house with a cannonball that did not explode. Left as is for tours. Let your imagination get the best of you as you visit the battlefield.

    If you’ll take notice, all of the northern monuments are quite different from the southern monuments. There are more of them and they are larger. This was a political issue. The north, Pennsylvania and other groups, didn’t want to honor the south. Over a hundred years later, even in the 1960’s, southern monuments were put up for display and to honor the soldiers. Some are in out of the main roads but they are there.

    I’d like to go back but my knee will not allow me to walk very far.
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    I'm not near my collection, but have a token like this one, though I don't remember mine being near as nice, photo stolen from Collector's Society, This battle took place not far from my home. [​IMG]
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    Is that in Tennessee?
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    1865 2 Cent - NGC MS 63 BN
    1865TwoCentObverse.png 1865TwoCentReverse.png
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    I had a similar experience, cycling in the Civil War Century about a decade ago. I rode ahead of the people I was with, and when I got to Antietam I was alone, not even any other cyclists around. I didn't know much about Antietam - I was just out on a ride. An overwhelming feeling of dread came over me, blood and death and... gosh, it was spooky. 3,675 men died there in one day, in that tiny little picturesque valley.

    My contribution (again) - a contemporary counterfeit.
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    I also recommend the Fairfield Inn. Good food, great atmosphere.
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    The road just passed the entrance to Ski Liberty on that side is the area I owned some land . It was a great location...a view of that side the mountain....the year after I sold Ski Liberty opened the other side of the mountain for sking. <1 hour to the Baltimore beltway im very sorry I sold....but doubled my money plus in less than 7 it was a good investment at the time.
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    I live in Central PA. If you have time a visit to the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg is well worth the trip. They have a wonderful collection and a comprehensive educational summary of the entire Civil War era.

    If anyone wants to take a deep dive into the Battle of Gettysburg I highly recommend reading: "Gettysburg, The Last Invasion" by Allen Guelzo.

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    I know Mike Dixon now has several coin shows in Gettysburg every year now... thats a fantastic show... 20220517_080126.jpg 20220517_080058.jpg
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    Not quite a Gettysburg coin or token or medallion, but here goes anyway - delete if I'm crossing lines. When I was a kid in mid 1950's growing up in Canada, my Dad helped me and I donated $1.00 I'd earned babysitting to Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation fun raiser. There was a developer who was going to buy up land and bulld shopping centers and Pete Seeger's song style "little boxes, made out of ticky-tacky, all just about the same." (Anybody remember that song?) Anyway, I still proudly have my "certificate of ownership of one square foot of battlefield. I've still never been there - if I go and bring my certificate, do you think they'll let me in free and show me my square foot? lol
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    Beautiful show of coins everyone thanks for the post and the pictures.
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    Wishing you both a great historic educating vacation.
    My wife and I would love to retire into the surrounding area, then become possible volunteer at the Nation Park.
    Here are three Civil War tokens we purchased from a antique and coin dealer just off the circle in town center.

    Best wishes

    Civil War Tokens.jpg
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