Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Edinmem, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Edinmem

    Edinmem hobbyist

    Does anyone have a system or website to find the Friedberg number for any given large or small note. I have done a search on the web and it appears I will have to buy a $30.00 book just to find the numbers for my small paper money collection. Thanks
    Eddie in Memphis
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  3. TheNoost

    TheNoost huldufolk

    my system is to post a note here and ask. Never fails.
  4. Edinmem

    Edinmem hobbyist

    Good idea ...........I will do three here in a bit
  5. Edinmem

    Edinmem hobbyist

    A bit of help please

    Friedberg numbers needed ...THANKS in advance

    1) $20 IN GOLD COIN (Gold Certificate?) Washington Portrait
    Series of 1906 ...Napier...McClung
    Serial Number D11681243

    2) $20 Federal Reserve Note Cleveland Portrait
    Series of 1914 Burke .....McAdoo
    Serial Number F5371403A 6-F Bank of Atlanta

    3) $10 Federal Reserve Note Jackson Portrait
    Series of 1914 Burke Houston
    Serial Number L19848707A 12-L Bank of San Francisco

    I may try some pics in a bit
  6. Edinmem

    Edinmem hobbyist

  7. Edinmem

    Edinmem hobbyist


    having trouble posting pics ...tired try again tomorrow
  8. urbanchemist


    #1 is FR#1183
    #2 is FR#984
    #3 is FR#950
  9. Edinmem

    Edinmem hobbyist

    Thanks Urban...was not sure if my descpriptions were going to be enough to get a Friedberg number
  10. urbanchemist


    you gave just the right amount of info. glad to help
  11. urbanchemist


    are these notes you have? i just picked up a $20 myself. just got it in today. mine is a chi-town note

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  12. rjbeck

    rjbeck COLLECTOR

    All Friedberg numbers

    I just received my copy of.. United States Paper Money by Ira Friedberg second edition. On Amazon for $15.Brand new...great looking book with all color pictures and all the Fr#'s for all big and small bills.RB

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  13. urbanchemist


    yeah i think thats what i had paid off of Amazon also
  14. pennywise

    pennywise Collector of dust

  15. urbanchemist


    yes the would definitely work to get the Friedberg #'s. i bought an old national notes book just so i could get pop reports and stuff. i got it for a steal on Amazon because the prices are way out of date. i think the book is from 1982. lol its older than my wife:yawn:
  16. AuAgBias

    AuAgBias New Member

    Please help with Friedberg numbers ....

    1. 1929 Series $20 Nat'l Bank Note Charter 906 (First National Bank and Trust Company of Lexington Kentucky).
    2. 1902 Series $10 Nat'l Bank Note Charter S1790 (Madison National Bank of Richmond Kentucky) ... there's also a "6046" in the lower left corner above and to the left of the Cashier's signature.
    Any guidance concerning current market value would also be appreciated. Thanks!

    LINGNOTE New Member

    I need a number on a 2009 $5 FRN Serial number JL 15038956 D with a green seal,
    and hope someone can help me. Thank you.
  18. hontonai

    hontonai Registered Contrarian

    Have you checked the stacks at your local public library?
  19. Katness

    Katness New Member

    I have Caught this conversation late but can anyone please help me find the friedberg number for the note i have, is there a way to find the exact value of this note?

    Hawaiian stamped one dollar bill silver note
    1935 Series A
    Serial number C05070747C
  20. USS656

    USS656 Here to Learn

    Hi Katness

    Welcome to CT

    1st - there is no such thing as an exact value. We would need to see pictures of the note to get an idea of condition. From there people could give you an estimate of value.

    Generally the Friedberg number isn't going to mean much unless you are putting a specific type of collection together. This one happens to be listed as F-2300.

    Best Regards

  21. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Innocent bystander

    This note is a Friedberg number Fr.1994-L

    I have books that show most Friedberg numbers, and having a numismatic library is wonderful, but you can access the Friedberg numbers on-line through the PMG population report. It stays current with the latest numbers.
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