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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by texmech, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. texmech

    texmech Wanna be coin collector

    This will not be a detailed report like others, but I wanted to share my thoughts. Last year I re-started my coin collection from when I was a kid. Nothing fancy but about 500 coins I had collected. I remember going to a few shows, courtesy of my mom, when I was a dirt dobber. Since last year when I kick started the hobby again I have been mainly buying from two sources. Local dealer and few on line dealers. This was my first coin show since the child hood days. I really have no memory of what it was like back then. I had really prepared my want list and courtesy of my Coin Manage inventory program, knew what I was going after. I am still filling in the common holes in my collection. I have several sets that I am earnestly trying to complete. Lincolns, Jefferson's, Roosevelt's and Morgans.

    I was really looking forward to the show and maybe stressing a little. Must have, because I was dreaming about it last night. It was quite thrilling this morning driving to the show and not knowing what the day will be like.

    I took a certain amount of cash which was my budget. Walked the floor to get the lay of the land. Then I dove in. I have to tell you that my experience was better than expected. All of the dealers were quite gracious and very helpful. Some better than others. I found the prices were reasonable and I was able to barter with every dealer. I was able to put a reasonable big dent in the common holes I was going after.

    I even stopped by Penny Lady's booth to introduce myself. I am a little ways away from her stuff, but it won't be long. It was really neat to see all the different kind of booths and see people doing their thing. I would stop by a booth with a question and if he was busy, not only did he try to answer my question, so did the customer he was with. Generally speaking these coin collection people are very gracious. I was also impressed with all the parents taking their kids around.

    Not only did I have a great time, but I got a bunch of coins that I don't think I could have gotten locally.

    Based on what I saw today, coin collecting is alive and well in the Big D.
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  3. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Nice report. Ive yet to goto a show since I got back into collecting nearly fulltime last year. Wanted to do long beach but didnt, hope to this june.
  4. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER"

    Coin shows are always alot of fun!! :)
  5. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

    I love shows.
    And am sorry I am missing this one this year.
  6. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

    For all your trepidation about it, it was apparently well worth your time. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I spent most of Thursday and all Friday there. I stopped by The penny lady's also. Got a gorgeous 1918- (64 RB) and a 24- woody. I was about ready to give up after that, but every time I met 900fine (Ricky), I managed to sell some more. Wound up selling most of my spare NGC 67's to a local dealer (blueridge1 on eBay). Did alright with that, so I went back and got my 1926-D (PCGS 64 RB). Aside from that, all I got was a 1941-S (PCGS 66) from Ricky and some Canadian stuff to fill some hole from when I was a kid. I will get some pic next week.

    I guess my only disappointment was that I could not find and more nice woodies except the one from TPL.
  7. texmech

    texmech Wanna be coin collector

    This is my plan. Fill in the holes in my primary sets and then go after the upgrades. I will focus on just a handful of sets. At least that's my current thinking.
  8. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

    Wizards Coin Supply was selling Verdi-gone. I put in the good word for it, but I also had to explain how it worked.

    Also, you can expect a couple very pretty halves from 900fine.
  9. financeman

    financeman Lincoln Cent Connoisseur

    I hope to be able to go to my first coin show with my son real soon. I have heard it is a lot of fun and cant wait to spend that time with Jakob, my son
  10. ICollectCoins

    ICollectCoins Junior Member

    I too attended the show in Fort Worth, and found the show very educational and helpful. It was good to see folks with whom I had dealt in the past. I also had the pleasure of meeting with several people on the list. The Penny Lady had a nice selection of coins. She was also kind enough to point out Rick Snow, who writes the guides on the Indian Head Cent and Flying Eagle Cent. He was very engaging and even in the short time that I spent with him I learned interesting things about Flying Eagles that I did not know before.
    Numismatic Educator Rod Gillis was very gracious and his presentation Saturday morning was informative and fun.
    Dr. Ostromecki's presentation on "Dumb Coins" was entertaining and informative.
    Thanks to the A.N.A. and all involved!

    That's my two cents.
    Art Haule
  11. 900fine

    900fine doggone it people like me

    So cool to meet you ! Had much fun. :D
  12. 900fine

    900fine doggone it people like me

    It was an awesome show for us ! Lots of action. Several advanced "specialist" dealers indicated strong results also.
  13. The Penny Lady®

    The Penny Lady® Coin Dealer

    Texmech and ICollect, thank you for stopping by and saying hi - it was very nice to meet you in Ft. Worth. And Ricky, it was good to see you and Robin again, glad to hear you had a good show.

    Thursday was busier than Friday, and Saturday was well attended, just not many people buying. The Mint officially released the Boy Scout coin and a bunch of boy scouts attended for the coin collecting merit badge. I'm on the kids' treasure trivia tour, so I had quite a flurry of kids stop by my table as well.

    For me, the show was just ok, not great but pretty good. I had my son Troy with me who was a big help (he says he's my "mule" which is true!) But having him there allows me to run around the show and do some "shopping."

    I bought some very nice pieces both for my personal set and for inventory, including a couple cool errors from Fred Weinberg that I will post once Todd photographs them. Also bought a beautiful PCGS MS65 1858 FE with neat die cracks for my set - been looking for a nice 1858 for quite a while. And picked up a beautifully toned 1862 S-2 - it is extremely hard to find pretty toned copper nickel cents, and this was has beautiful pastels. I'll post photos in a couple weeks after I see Todd in Santa Clara!

    Many dealers stayed at the Omni, including us, a very nice hotel with a fantastic steakhouse restaurant and a great wine bar. But we really enjoyed the regular bar there - they had two pool tables that you can play on for FREE! And their happy hour Texas beer was only $2.50! Cheap beer and free pool - what more could you want!

    Now I'm home, relaxing a bit and catching up on emails and forum posts. My hubby and I are headed to Glamis later this week for some fun and relaxation, then I start a grueling month of back to back shows from Milwaukee to Seattle! Being a coin dealer is a lot of fun and definitely worthwhile, but very tiring as well.
  14. 900fine

    900fine doggone it people like me

    That is the coolest ! I had some nice chats with some scouts.
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