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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Collect89, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. GinoLR

    GinoLR Well-Known Member

    Aelia Eudoxia, 395-404, wife of Arcadius
    This is the latest empress I can find in my coins...

    Next : Arcadius
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  3. cmezner

    cmezner do ut des Supporter

    Awesome @GinoLR Thank you so much for sharing:)
  4. cmezner

    cmezner do ut des Supporter

    Have one Arcadius, just one:
    Æ2 Maiorina pecunia
    Syria, Antiochia ad Orontem, May 15, 392 – January 17, 395 AD; mintmark ANTB, 2nd officina, struck under the authority of Theodosius I

    20x22 mm, 5.147 g
    RIC IX Antioch 68D, subtype 1;

    Ob.: D N ARCADI-VS P F AVG (Dominus Noster Arcadius Pius Felix Augustus), Bust of Arcadius, rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed, right
    GLORIA - ROMANORVM Emperor, head right, standing facing, holding standard and globe; Mintmark ANTB


    Next, let's go a little back in time: a Iulia Maesa Sestertius (I don't have one) it's on my wish list:)
  5. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    No Sestertius....

    Julia Maesa (218 - 225 A.D.)
    AR Denarius
    O: IVLIA MAESA AVG Draped bust right.
    R: IVNO Juno standing facing, head left, holding scepter and patera.
    RIC 254 RSC 016

    Next: ANYthing
  6. The Meat man

    The Meat man Supporter! Supporter


    Next: another LRB from Lugdunum
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  7. GinoLR

    GinoLR Well-Known Member

    Constance_Genio.jpg Constantius I Caesar (293-305), follis
    Lugdunum mint

    Next : Tetrarchic follis with full silvering
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  8. Noah Worke

    Noah Worke Well-Known Member

    It's been well over twelve hours, so I'll post a new theme. The next theme will be Antonine Emperors. Heres my entry: TrajanVictoryDenarIncitatus.jpeg
    TRAJAN AR silver denarius. Rome, 103-111 AD. IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P, laureate head of Trajan right, drapery on left shoulder. Reverse - COS V P P S P Q R OPTIMO PRINC, Victory advancing left on pile of shields, wreath upward in right hand, palm in left. RIC II 129. 18mm, 3.4g.

    I'm excited to get this one in the mail!
  9. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else

  10. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

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  11. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    I was also wondering about that:D
  12. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else

    Sorry, mind was elsewhere. Next up Trajans wife
  13. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & Eccentric Moderator

    That would be Pompeia Plotina. She's one I've never had.
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  14. GinoLR

    GinoLR Well-Known Member

    12 hrs... Let's try with more common coins

    Postumus double HS.jpg
    Postumus (reigned 260-268), double sestertius, Trier 260-263
    IMP C M CASS LAT POSTVMVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
    FIDES MILITVM , Fides standing left holding two standards.

    Next : another sestertius (or double-sestertius) of Postumus - or a contemporary imitation
  15. robinjojo

    robinjojo Well-Known Member

    This the only large bronze coin that I have of Postumus, acquired from Roma's E-Sale 58, lot 1217.

    Postumus, double sestertius, Colonia Agrippinensis, circa AD 264-265.

    Obverse: Crowned bust facing right, surrounding legend: IMP C M CASS LAT POSTVMVS P F AVG.

    Reverse: Hercules standing, facing left, hold a branch (palm?), lion skin and club, SC in field, surrounding legend: HERC [PACI]FERO.

    Bastien 145; RIC 135. 24.63g, 33mm, 1h.

    Postumus AE Double Sestertius, Roma E-Sale 58.jpg

    Next: Any ancient from a time of social/political upheaval or civil war.
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  16. Noah Worke

    Noah Worke Well-Known Member

    Probus, a barracks emperor during the crisis of the third century and an absolute chad.
    Probus (276-282). Radiate (23mm, 4.11g, 12h). Serdica, 277-280. Radiate, helmeted and cuirassed bust l., holding spear over shoulder and shield on arm. R/ Emperor on horseback l., extending arm in salute and holding sceptre; to l., captive seated l., looking r.; A. Cf. RIC V 886.
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  17. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    What's next??
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  18. Noah Worke

    Noah Worke Well-Known Member

    Oh, right. Let's have another Barracks emperor!
  19. robinjojo

    robinjojo Well-Known Member

    I guess old Julius would qualify.

    Julius Caesar, denarius, circa 49-48 BC.

    D-Camera Julius Caesar circa 49-48 BC 4.01g Sedwick Auction 4-22 5-29-22.jpg

    Next: A Roman emperor who was ruthless and cruel in achieving his ends.
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  20. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else

    Carinus was not too nice
    NEXT: Trajan Decius
  21. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Trajan Decius (249 - 251 A.D.)
    AR Antoninianus
    O: IMP C M Q TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG; radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right.
    R: PANNONIAE; the two Pannoniae, veiled, standing right and left facing one another, clasping right hands in front of standard between them.
    Rome Mint, 251 A.D.
    RIC IV Rome 26

    Next: Herennia Etruscilla
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