Feeling sick right now.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Miketexas, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Chiefbullsit

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    Hope they catch the sob that stole your items.

    I'd put my money on an inside job.
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  3. Miketexas

    Miketexas Member

    We are too. The lock, the amount of time our stuff was in the unit, whoever did it used a grinder to cut the lock off if someone from the inside did it they wouldn't look suspicious cutting a lock. That looks normal to me if an employee cutting a lock during the day. The place locks the gate at 10. You can leave if you are still inside but no enter[emoji34]

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  4. yankee doodle

    yankee doodle Member

    Do you have any photograhic evidence of you collection? Make sure any financial receipts are organized any ready to be submited to the authorities at a moments notice. I would even consult with a forensic expert. If any of your collection shows up in the secondary market, YOUR fingerprints on it from prior handling may confirm it is yours.
  5. Bill1517

    Bill1517 Active Member

  6. yankee doodle

    yankee doodle Member

    I am truly sorry for the loss. But the gift here is to remind us all about ''putting all your eggs in one basket''. However, b/c of your specialized collection, I have a good feeling it will show up and you will recover it. Keep the faith. Blessings.
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  7. imrich

    imrich Supporter! Supporter

    I don't know where you live, but in a sickened manner I found your post humorous. I live in a rural area where there isn't police protect for anything other than physical attacks. I've been burglarized 6 times.

    After spending a 5 figure sum to enclose my property with ~3000+ feet of 6 foot high fencing with 2 stands of barbed wire, and ornamental iron gates with cameras observing all directions, I was accosted by a plain clothes "deputy" on my property who threatened my life late at night. He took my M1 carbine, and informed me that his word would prevail.

    During one episode where the gangs were taking down my cameras, I could see their faces while climbing up to remove cameras. I called the Sheriff, and was told I'd be contacted the following day. Since that time it new secure facility has been constructed with levels of security have been installed prior to talking over an intercom to a receptionist. A direct line to police agents has been removed, and their services are screened by 911. Crime has increased to where an officer was beaten to death, and the known perpetrator(s) still create havoc in the community.

    Numerous "officers" were eventually later dismissed from the "force", for theft, etc..

    I now have serious patrol canines, fences, cameras, and munitions.

    Mine and Serpicos experience probably dictates that the best "security" is probably provided by Smith & Wesson.

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  8. yankee doodle

    yankee doodle Member

    Was the entire storage facility robbed or only your locker? If yours was the only one, sounds like some kind of inside information is involved.
  9. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

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  10. markwyler

    markwyler New Member

    So sorry hope you get at least some of it back and those crooks in jail.
  11. Miketexas

    Miketexas Member

    We are leaving in a few minutes to ask the storage company to ask all the other tenants to check there stuff. As of now just us.

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  12. Miketexas

    Miketexas Member

    Thanks for the heads up but I didn't own any gold[emoji45]

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  13. KarlB

    KarlB Active Member

    I am so sorry at your loss.

    I had part of my coin collection stolen 30 years ago while living in Virginia Beach. I went to the coin dealers and described some of the coins. We caught them. Turned out the two kids (20s), had been hitting this area for drug money.

    ...solved many break-ins.

    And I got back some of my collection (not the good stuff.)

    So, make the rounds of your coin shops, you might get lucky.
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  14. Nycmacman

    Nycmacman Active Member

    This sounds like an extreme case. In my honest opinion wouldn't it be better to move or keep valuables in a safety deposit box? Or an electrocuted floor safe? Seems counter intuitive to invest 6 figure sums into a property that consistently is getting broken into.
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  15. DMac

    DMac New Member

    I am so sorry to hear this news and I hope you are able to recover from your loss.
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  16. imrich

    imrich Supporter! Supporter

    I "deal" with individuals throughout the world, and from "feedback" my experience isn't that remote.

    In the past I had multiple homes at any given time in the multi-million population metropolis, and valuables couldn't be kept in homes because of vandalism and burglary to homes where the occupant was required by employment to travel significantly.

    I had multiple safe deposit boxes, of the largest size available, in several banks. This was a very expensive process, and finally when a bank facility was razed, and the vault contents moved to a new location, the contents of one large box disappeared. How does one prove the contents of a safe deposit box?

    Generally speaking, regardless of where you reside, if you follow incident reports, I believe you'll determine that security is an illusion. Research the "national defense", NSA, et al budget this year, and pro-rate that to the U.S. citizenry, and I suspect you'll be amazed what our ineffective? security costs.

    As a local community (i.e. couple mile radius), we have eliminated our problems with gates, fences, canines, and random community policing. We have notified deputies/courts of possible "vigilante" action if repeat offenders are returned to the community, after the Sheriff quit his job because offenders were being released after multiple incidents.

    My canines have already violated 2 human individuals, more than 1 black bear, and several cats that didn't believe the property entrance warning signs.

    News travels fast in our community, and personal crime has ended. Adjacent communities, and the major metropolises are generally experiencing increasing crime rates. New constraints have seemingly reduced the ability to properly rectify the lawless conditions.

    I'm glad that you live in a "secure" locale.

  17. Stevearino

    Stevearino Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about this, Mike. You will likely have to heed the advice of several CTers and do some legwork yourself in order to bring the miscreants to justice. Good luck!
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  18. Nycmacman

    Nycmacman Active Member

    I've lived in quite a few places across the country (major metropolitan and rural) and never had any issues with banks, home invasions or corrupt police. An electrified 2-ton safe will generally deter even the most seasoned criminal. Research on bank security, crime statistics for the area, and a good insurance plan never hurt anyone either. I also believe your tactics of dogs and firearms are quite effective as well, but I would have those in addition to the solutions I just mentioned. (Cited from: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/feeling-sick-right-now.283922/page-3#post-2521377)
  19. Vess1

    Vess1 CT SP VIP

    Wow, 6 times Rich!? Surveillance cameras are our friend. Not only can they catch a suspect red handed (often times a neighbor) but they can also prove your whereabouts if you ever needed to and you were alone.
    To the OP, I have faith that your collection may be found. That was too risky to have all your eggs in one basket.
  20. imrich

    imrich Supporter! Supporter

    Premised upon your moniker, it's believed you've resided in New York City, and crime, police corruption, is unheard of. WOW!!

    I hope you don't tell me you've also resided in Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, and L.A. where there aren't these same problems, and a 7 figure value coin collection can be easily stored at a bank, or insured for very little. I had an explosion generated by lightning, and subsequent fire, after paying a 3 figure monthly insurance premium to State Farm for >40 years. They stalled until the 2 year Statute Of Limitations elapsed by requesting additional proof of purchases and loss, after viewing the damage, never paying the claims. Research the company! LOL

    It's generally reported that in 7-8 figure populations, especially in this country, crime and illegality is increasing. Have you heard of this countries presidential candidates?

    Rural policing has become a greater problem, as citizenry would rather pay for sports and human resources than policing.

    I hope I haven't violated Cointalk policies in my response, and I'm very pleased that drugs, crime, violence isn't a problem where you reside.
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  21. Nycmacman

    Nycmacman Active Member

    While I have lived in NYC (which actually is one of the safer cities in the u.s) I have also lived in the south, other parts of the tristate, and the Midwest. Not all were major metropolitan areas and there are generally solutions for every security need. Yes crime is on the rise, yes cities have corruption and yes there will be theft. That being said if you keep you head low, make friends with the local pd and take precautionary measures you should be fine. Also, letting State Farm drag out a claim for two years is something I would not have allowed. Anytime I have had an issue with a claim I contact upper management and or consult legal counsel. Insurance companies are no fun, but if I paid those nice premiums for years, I expect a payout.

    Just my personal experiences. Sorry you have had so many issues. Good to hear you have sorted it out now though.
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