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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Jaelus, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. Jaelus

    Jaelus The Hungarian Antiquarian Supporter

    I saw a European seller with a large inventory and a couple obscure booklets listed at 20 Euro each Buy It Now, with the Make An Offer option. I figured I would make an offer on both, since the shipping was very expensive. So I put in a reasonable 15 Euro offer on each, figuring they'd likely counter and we'd both be happy. Nope. They simply declined both offers. No message. No counter offer. I gave them a pass on this, and put in another pair of offers at 18 Euro each, but again, they declined with no message given or counter offered.

    Now to me - and I'm curious as to how you all feel on this - this behavior is extremely rude. Of course no seller is ever obligated to accept any offer, however, I consider declining without a message or counter offer to be reserved exclusively for insultingly lowball offers. I think posting a Make An Offer option obliges the seller to certain level of conduct when dealing with reasonable offers, since they are openly soliciting for offers.

    I have no problem whatsoever with someone selling an item with a Buy It Now, and I will either pay their price or I won't. But take that same seller selling the exact same item with the exact same Buy It Now price but with Make An Offer set on the auction, who then declines all offers and just wants the Buy It Now price anyway, this upsets me to the point where I will permanently blacklist the seller.

    If you don't want to accept offers, don't solicit them. It would have been one thing if they declined and explained that Make An Offer had accidentally been set on the item and that offers are not being considered, but they couldn't even be bothered to do that. Now it is possible that they would have sold the item for 19.50 or so, but to set Make An Offer on an auction to attract business when you're only willing to go down half a Euro is petty and infuriating as well.
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  3. coinup

    coinup Junior Member

    A while ago I asked for a seller to post photos of actual DVD discs of films I was shopping for (children's movies) since all that was posted were the cases, I simply wanted to see the discs to verify validity. Literally 1 minute later the auction ended with no sale and no bids and no reply. eBay used to be fun...I don't play there anymore.
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  4. VistaCruiser69

    VistaCruiser69 Well-Known Member

    I liked, when on ebay, you could ask a question and it, along with the seller's response, would show on the auction. Seems doing so made facts about the item and auction a lot more transparent and helpful compared to now. Not sure when that format ended.
  5. J.T. Parker

    J.T. Parker Well-Known Member

    News Flash...
    Nothing stays the same!
    (And unlike a fine wine, eBay has not improved with age)
    As a Buyer and Seller on the 'bay' since 1997, can't say I've enjoyed the changes.
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  6. Evan Saltis

    Evan Saltis Student/Collector Supporter

    They do it just so their listing shows in the 'accepts best offer'
    more exposure. just like the raw coins listed under "PCGS certified" when they obviously are not.
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  7. Emeral Goldenhyde

    Emeral Goldenhyde New Member

    Its a form of pfishing. There are different types of people out there that would be interested in it because there was an option of an "offer" and then say screw it and "buy it now" anyway.
    The seller wants to sell at the buy it now price (maybe 1$ less fwith no exceptions) ... The consumer wants to believe there was a chance at a lesser price on an item they bid on and will purchase it at the buy it now price just to get things moving after being denied a couple times.
    The seller knows this and has set up their sale as a phishing post.
    Not the best way to do regular business, but as i said, there are different people out there and the type of person that would post this kind of sale is a bottom feeder with no scruples.
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  8. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    While you should try and offer $19.00 to see if they accept. If not report them. If they do turn them down on the offer and never buy from them again.
  9. Evan Saltis

    Evan Saltis Student/Collector Supporter

    I know I probably sound stupid, and forgive me if this is a little off topic but IS there a way to 'block' sellers I totally hate? When folks here post links to fakes I often get a ton more fakes recommended by the alogrithm.
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  10. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky Supporter

    I had that done to me on Ebay. It sucks. The good sellers will usually give a counter offer to sell the coin. I have been pretty lucky with a counter offers.
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  11. Morgandude11

    Morgandude11 As long as it's Silver, I'm listening

    I feel the same way. If someone does not wish to take a best offer, then why offer that option? If I get rejected after having 2-3 offers turned down, I will pass on buying the coin, and look for another one.
  12. LA_Geezer

    LA_Geezer Well-Known Member

    I gave up on these invitations to make an offer. The ones that came back with a counter offer were just a pittance off the asking prices.
  13. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Supporter! Supporter

    I don't sell on eBay or any other site, but my experience with the "make an offer" is that the seller has posted a minimum they will sell for and the system automatically rejects the offers below that, so the seller never even sees the offer. I send a text message to the seller if that happens, or I want more than one item they are selling, and usually get replies and counters or acceptance of my offer.
  14. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    That only happened if the seller chose to make it visible, and I believe they still have that option. It's just that almost no one choses to make them visible. But I have seen a couple lately.
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  15. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast

    If you are getting an instantaneous decline with no counter offer of message then the seller is using the “auto decline” feature in which all offers under their minimum bid price are automatically declined. The feature is designed to filter out offers that are not serious and would simply waste the sellers time.

    IMO, any seller who has their auto decline set within 10% of their list price shouldn’t be using the auto decline feature.
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  16. Jim-P

    Jim-P Well-Known Member

    Offer 10!
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2021
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  17. Dave Waterstraat

    Dave Waterstraat Well-Known Member

    You can save a general search using the "more filters" option on the side bar, choose "sellers" and "exclude" then load it up with the sellers names you wish not to see their listings. I have several I've blocked that sell only cleaned coins graded MS+++++.
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  18. ddddd

    ddddd Member

  19. Pennydan

    Pennydan New Member

    Ebay has gone down hill fast. Lots of unsavory folks for sure
  20. Jaelus

    Jaelus The Hungarian Antiquarian Supporter

    I should have specified, these were declined hours after the fact (made sense with the time zone difference). This was not an auto decline.
  21. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    Spain? If so, I'm almost confident it is the same one as my thread mentioned above.

    In my case, it almost worked for the seller as I was going to cave and buy it. I added the item to my cart and started checking out, then eBay adds sales tax (even though there is none on coins in my state) and an unfavorable exchange rate. In total this would have increased the price another ~$10. At that point I did bail (not going to not only have offers declined but on top of that pay another $10-even if that part isn't up to the seller).
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