EBay Fraud BEWARE.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by LostDutchman, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. BUncirculated

    BUncirculated Well-Known Member

    This would actually be worth pursuing it through the courts and/or criminally with the police.

    PayPal and eBay are not the last word on situations like this and the only way you'll recover either the item or the money back from the buyer is to pursue it.
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  3. TheCoinGeezer

    TheCoinGeezer Senex Bombulum

    I'd start with the Postal Inspectors.
    But if the item was insured, why not file a claim?
  4. Numis-addict

    Numis-addict Addicted to coins

    That just sounds stupid! I feel sorry for you.
  5. LostDutchman

    LostDutchman Under Staffed & Overly Motivated Moderator

    Because it's shown as delivered... once they mark it delivered... it's been delivered according to the USPS and anything that happened after that is not under their control. I have had that issue before as well.
  6. BUncirculated

    BUncirculated Well-Known Member

    If it was insured, filing a claim would recoup the loss.

    However, if this was by design on the buyer's part, why let them get away with it that easy?

    If this was by design of the buyer, they're counting on the fact that the seller would NOT pursue this through the civil courts, or criminally as most sellers wouldn't go through the expense.
  7. snapsalot

    snapsalot Member

    I think you need to pursue this with paypal much more thoroughly.
  8. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    I'm sorry to hear that this happened. I've posted elsewhere about the near-disaster that caused me to stop selling on eBay (although I've lately dipped my toe back in).

    If I were in your shoes, I would at least demand that eBay/PayPal explain what part of the requirements for Seller Protection I had failed to meet...?
  9. Blissskr

    Blissskr Well-Known Member

    You could also think about filing a mail fraud case against this person.
  10. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    Sadly, I don't think this case would or could be considered mail fraud or at least it would be very hard to prove. USPS noted the item was delivered but if the person claims they never got such package, then it's all hearsay honestly. It would be a different story if a signature was required and recorded before the delivery was to be made.

    Most mail fraud cases are against the person who sends the fraudulent mail, not the recipient.
  11. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    If enough people (sellers) complained to the postal service about this guy, wouldn't they then investigate? I mean, it's obvious this guy is committing some form of fraud.
  12. x115

    x115 Collector

    sorry to hear that.

    I recommend using registered mail with signature confirmation on high priced items.

    he is BLOCKED !
  13. rickmp

    rickmp The other White Meat.

    Registered Mail, Return Receipt and Restricted Delivery. That way the addressee must provide positive ID in order to sign for and receive the package.
  14. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    Maybe, but I wouldn't buy anything under those conditions. I'm never home and work, when I work, if i work, long hours.

  15. x115

    x115 Collector

    if the buyer is not home to sign for the package. it can be picked up at the post office with a signature.
  16. x115

    x115 Collector

    but a buyer can still say the package was empty. but you would have to be a real jerk to say that.
  17. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    Yeah - which part of I work long hours when I work, wasn't clear?
  18. x115

    x115 Collector

    thats why I said a "BUYER"! not you!

    that was pretty clear sir

    a lot of sellers require a signature. so "buyers" need to consider that when bidding.

    If some one works long hours, its not wise to leave a package with an expensive coin in the mail box for a long period of time.
  19. geekpryde

    geekpryde Husband and Father

    I wonder if having many people block the same ebay user ID in the course of a few hours sets off any alarm bells? Maybe ebay will take a deeper look into this punk? It will be a small victory when this scum goes to try and buy another coin from members here, and keeps getting "blocked by seller".
  20. jjack

    jjack Captain Obvious

    This is what happens when you have a monopoly.
  21. AdamL

    AdamL Likes Silver

    Hey guys, I'm a pretty new ebayer. Can someone tell me how I add someone to my blocked list?
    And that is ridiculous that only a buyer can leave negs!
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