Crispina, Nerva-Antonine Dynasty

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by IMP Shogun, Apr 7, 2022.

  1. IMP Shogun

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    Almost Friday!

    Life has gotten extremely busy and combine that with our fiat equivalent of debasing the money supply it seems we have to work a lot harder for the same goods and services.

    I thought when the economic activity after Covid picked up I'd give up a good chunk of my hobby time, and I have. I'm buying quite a few coins, but the photography aspect of my collecting interests has been lost to not having enough hours in a day or a free weekend. I'm not going to lie, my collection is based on having a strong top 10 for 2022!

    What I've been adding is Tetrarchy and Constantinian late Roman bronze, but also silver of the Nerva-Antonine dynasty where I find the skill and style flourished.

    Crispina is somewhat of a tragic figure, but who knows perhaps a Game of Thrones player that lost. Bruttia Crispina (164 - 191 AD) was Augusta from 178 to 191 a quite significant period of time for what was becoming a tumultuous end to the dynasty.

    Crispina may have gotten caught up in Commodus' sister Lucilla's attempt to assassinate Commodus in 181 or 182, Cleander's downfall in 190 or just as likely falling pray herself to Commodus perhaps due to the inability to produce an heir. Much of her coinage does reflect that hope, or prospect that an heir would be produced such as the below reverse featuring Venus with an apple. According to Michael Kean (in Frey, Oliver (2005). The Complete Chronicle of the Emperors of Rome. Thalamus. p. 100.) Crispina was falsely accused of adultery after 10 years of marriage and banished to Capri where she was later executed. Commodus did not remarry but took on a mistress, this mistress having been involved in his assassination.

    Beautiful coin:
    3.708 Crispina denarius.jpg
    Crispina struck 178-182 A.D. RIC III 286a (Commodus) Venus
    Venus standing left, holding apple and drawing drapery.
    17mm 2.38g

    Venus symbolizing love, sexuality and desire with Crispina's portrait above being particularly attractive as well.

    Lucilla, Commodus' sister:
    3.505 Lucilla denarius.jpg
    RIC III 781

    Here's handsome:
    3.704 Commodus Pax resized.jpg
    RIC III 17

    This is going to get updated when I take more pictures:
    Adoptive Emperor Collection - Silver.jpg

    Love to see your Crispina, Augustas or Nerva-Antonines
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  3. Roman Collector

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    Lovely acquisitions for your Nerva-Antonine collection! Here's my example of your Crispina, complete with a weird flan flaw on the reverse above the goddess.

    Crispina VENVS denarius.jpg
  4. Terence Cheesman

    Terence Cheesman Well-Known Member

    Crispina Ar Denarius Minted 178-183 AD Obv Bust right draped hair in bun behind head. Rv. Juno standing right RIC 283 3.03 grms 18mm
  5. DonnaML

    DonnaML Well-Known Member

    A beautiful collection, @IMP Shogun!

    Crispina, with her telltale long neck:

    Crispina (wife of Commodus), AR Denarius 180-182 AD. Obv. Draped bust right, CRISPINA AVGVSTA/ Rev. Juno standing facing, veiled, head left, patera in right hand, long scepter in left hand, peacock at feet on left, IVNO. RIC III 283, RSC II 21, Sear RCV II 6001. 18.3 mm., 3.254 g.



    Lucilla (wife of Lucius Verus & daughter of Marcus Aurelius) AR Denarius 164-66 AD, Rome Mint. Obv. Bare head right, draped, LVCILLAE AVG ANTONINI AVG F/ Rev. Concordia seated left, holding patera & leaning left forearm against statuette of Spes, CONCORDIA. RIC III 758, RSC II 6a, Sear RCV II 5479. 17.1 mm., 3.4 g.

    Lucilla jpg version.jpg


    Commodus (son of Marcus Aurelius), AR Denarius 181 AD. Obv. Laureate head right, M COMMODVS ANTONINVS AVG/ Rev. Pax standing left, holding branch & cornucopiae, TR P VI IMP IIII COS III P P. RIC III 17, RSC II 806. 17 mm., 3.15 g.
    Commodus Denarius jpg version.jpg
  6. IMP Shogun

    IMP Shogun Well-Known Member

    There do seem to be many flaws in Commodus' era. I'd love to think debasement played a part as they experiment with formulas, but the designs themselves are great.

    RIC 176; BMCRE 258; RSC 365a.

  7. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    Here is my Crispina, same type of coin presented by @DonnaML

    Lucilla, one of my favorite denarii from my collection

    Lucilla AD 164-182. Rome Denarius AR 18 mm., 2,89 g.
    RIC III Marcus Aurelius 786
    Date Range: AD 164 - AD 180
    Bust of Lucilla, bare-headed, hair waved and fastened in a bun on back of head, draped, right
    Venus, draped with right breast bare, standing left, holding Victory in extended right hand and resting left hand on shield set on ground

    As for mr Commodus I find this coin very interesting, although with a major flaw, but I always wanted this reverse type.

    Commodus. 180-192. AR Denarius 2.66gr. Rome
    A.D. 186. M COMM ANT P FEL AVG BRIT, laureate head of Commodus right / FID EXERC P M TR P XI IMP VII COS V P P: Commodus standing, left on platform, three soldiers standing, right holding legionary eagles. RIC II 130; RSC 143
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  8. Cucumbor

    Cucumbor Supporter! Supporter

    Lovely Crispina

    I have two coins of hers, a sestertius that came early in my collecting days, and an as from our own @Severus Alexander's AMCC auction. Both have known better days, but I bought the second for the fabulous rendering of Crispina's lips



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