Coins of Ukraine

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    Just a little update on these coins to show the detail and luster. 1st photo is a medal among my favorites so far. ukrainegals.jpg ebay7 ukraine coins 026.JPG ebay7 ukraine coins 011.JPG ebay7 ukraine coins 016.JPG
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    Beautiful adding old49er.
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    Picked up a few more. ukraine queen-tile.jpg
    Ukraine: 2014 2 Hryvnia Coin
    ANNA YAROSLAVNA Series:Princes of Ukraine
    Since May22, 2014

    The commemorative coin is dedicated to
    Anna Yaroslavna (Anne of Rus), Kyiv princess,
    the middle daughter of the grand prince Yaroslav the Wise.
    In the late forties of the 11th century she married
    the king Henry I of France (house of Capet) and, after his death,
    became the queen regent of their underage son;
    she participated actively in the government of the country
    and was in fact the reigning queen. The beautiful,
    highly educated and wise woman excited admiration
    of her contemporaries and meritoriously represented Kyiv Rus,
    a developed power that was held in esteem and played
    an important role in the international relations of the countries
    of Europe and the Middle East.
    Face Value: 2 Hryvnia
    Material: Nickel silver (albata)
    Condition: Special UNC
    Size: 31.00 mm.
    Weight: 12.80 gram
    Year: 2014
    Mintage: 20 000 ukraine protection of holy virgin1-tile.jpg
    Ukraine 2005 coin 5 Hryvnia


    Series: Ritual Holidays of Ukraine

    The coins are dedicated to one of the important Orthodox holy days related to the Virgin Mary, the true protectress of all believers.

    The sense of this holiday is in the idea of protection.
    Face Value: 5 Hryvnia
    Material of manufacturing: German Silver (albata)
    Condition: Special UNC Quality:Ordinare
    Size:35,00 mm.
    Weight:16.54 gram
    Year:2005Mintage:45 000 ukraine pidhirtsi castle a-tile.jpg
    Series:Architectural monuments of Ukraine

    Pidhirtsi Castle (Ukrainian: Підгорецький замок; Polish: zamek w Podhorcach) is a residential
    castle-fortress located in the village of Pidhirtsi in Lviv Oblast (province) western Ukraine,
    located eighty kilometers east of Lviv. It was constructed by Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan
    between 1635–1640 by order of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's Grand Crown
    Hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski, on the place of the older fortress. The castle was then part
    of the Kingdom of Poland and it is regarded as the most valuable of palace-garden complexes in the
    eastern borderlands (Kresy Wschodnie) of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
    Face Value: 5 Hryvnia
    Material of manufacturing: Nickel silver (albata)
    Condition: Special UNC
    Size: 35.00 mm.
    Weight: 16.54 gram
    Year: 2015
    Mintage: 35 000

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