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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Norsk64, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Norsk64

    Norsk64 The Coin TV Critic

    Following up on a previous write-up entitled "The Devil of Coin TV is Back - Hide The Newbies!" that I wrote a few months back, I have now watched the new "Chopper's Coin & Collectible Network" for several weeks to give it a good, well-rounded review. Or so I intended. You see, It's worse than I thought. I seem to recall the cover of a Scorpions album from the 1980's where a guy has forks pulling his eyes apart. I can relate.

    Adam aka "The Chopper" (formerly on-air Host of the failed and seriously flawed AAN-TV) and his CCN air just one night a week, on Wednesday's on DIRECTV and regrettably on other Satellite providers I'm afraid. Where do I begin? CCN has the same AAN-TV feel of dirtiness, impersonalization, lies, deception, a self-serving egotistical (and still unseen) on-air host, and a smell of BS that permeates through the TV screen. I could provide so many examples of inferior product offerings, deceptive and misleading statements & graphics, and outright thievery, but I would need to type until my finger tips would go raw to recall it all here. Seriously, I love Coins. I love watching Coin TV. Even if I'm not "watching", I will have some Coin TV show/network tuned in to have as background noise. But Chopper's CCN isn't worth the cost of electricity it would take to show it on your TV! His "network" broadcast even gets interrupted by 2 minute ads for tax relief, face cream, and home-delivered catheters! Very classy! The TV studio remains in Tampa/St. Pete, but their "24 hour hotline" is in California and if you can get someone to actually answer the phone, they know very little of CCN itself. Unfortunately for me, I think I actually know more about CCN than they do. So take my advice on this one. Save on your energy bill, and just keep the TV off on Wednesday nights. Lest you be tempted by the Devil of Coin TV himself.

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  3. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    Other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

    Thanks for the review!
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  4. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    For those without Dish TV, check Chopper out on YouTube. A few minutes is all it took for me.
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  5. Norsk64

    Norsk64 The Coin TV Critic

    I've had inquiries relating to reviews of "The Coin Vault" and "AVC Collectible Coins with Don Davis" and I will be doing a full review of each with grades relating to factors such as Product Appeal, Quality, Honesty, Pricing, Ship Time, Customer Service, and more. Should make for some good reading! And as always, if there is a quick read on anything else that is Coin TV I can post, I'll see what I can do. Hope you enjoy reading "COINS - AS SEEN ON TV!". Thanks for the comments and keep 'em coming!
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  6. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    The catheter commercial is hard to watch. They say the word catheter 50 times to make you numb to the word and it's still cringe worthy.
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  7. Mackbrass

    Mackbrass New Member

    Oh, its on now and he is selling an "original bank roll" or Morgans. Question, what is an original bank roll or mrogans? It didnt come from the mint like that. And its amazing that one end shows an 1889 and on the other end it shows a CC. Like you really think you are going to get a roll of 1889 CC's from anyone much less get a roll fom Chop@ss.
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  8. Norsk64

    Norsk64 The Coin TV Critic

    Oh come on! You mean they aren't '89 CC's in that roll? Hard to believe Chop would even suggest such a possibility, or imply it. LOL! Thanks for the comment
  9. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    Look out! HSN’s Coin Collector is scheduled for 2 hours starting at midnight Friday night and another two hours starting at 7 p.m. Saturday. (Central time)

    I guess the item of the day will be absurdly overpriced palladium proofs. Even more absurd is that I expect them to sell out.

    Can you say “red oak presentation box?”

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  10. Gregg

    Gregg Monster Toning Supporter

    Unfortunately, I fell for this scam and only about half of them were 1889 CCs and only a few were MS65+. Worst $400.00 I've ever spent.
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  11. Mark Neveu

    Mark Neveu New Member

    If what you posted is true you got a deal. Twenty Morgan's, half of them CC's MS65+ and ten other Morgan's for twenty bucks a coin, what's wrong with that deal? edited
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  12. Norsk64

    Norsk64 The Coin TV Critic

    First of all, Roll was priced for $1500+ if I recall. Secondly, Gregg's assessment of what was actually in the Roll is pure crap.
  13. Trimbit

    Trimbit Another new guy

    The guy sickened me right off and I do not know any where close to what you know. Kinda jumps right out at ya. I do like watching RTCV. Not bought anything from him but feel I have learned some things from it.
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  14. Norsk64

    Norsk64 The Coin TV Critic

    Yes, the "Chop" is sickening. Glad you had nausea like me, and most importantly...didn't buy anything. As for Rick Tomaska and RCTV, I reviewed his show last year. Do a search for it here on Coin Talk. He is incredibly knowledgeable about Coins, and mention that in my write-up. You will learn a lot by watching him, no matter your experience level with coin collecting and investing? Just my opinion of course and I am an experienced collector and dealer. As for other aspects of his show, I'll leave that up to my review of it last year. Buyer beware however! Thanks for the comment!
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  15. Gregg

    Gregg Monster Toning Supporter

    Are you one of those online bullies I keep reading about?
  16. Norsk64

    Norsk64 The Coin TV Critic

    Nope. Never have been, nor plan to be. I was merely expressing an opinion of your description of coins received in the Morgan Silver Dollar Roll you purchased from Choppers Coin Collectibles Network. Perhaps I was rude. Didn't mean to be. Your specific claims of the Morgan's you received however, cannot be accurate. Very outlandish actually. Just call 'em as I see them.
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  17. Jim Dale

    Jim Dale New Member

    My first experience of buying coins was on HSN awhile ago. I bought 20 1921 Morgans that were advertised "BU". I think I paid $500, anyway, it was a lot, especially when my wife found out. I did get 1 1921D and a 1921S. The rest were just 1921s. I like to watch Rick, but it was a while before I realized that some of his programs were pre-recorded. The Bobsi Twins that are on The Coin Vault is a little too much to watch. Most of these programs make you feel like you are going to die if you don't buy my coin. I did buy a certified ASE from Rick that was supposed to be from the Congratulations Set. It was Proof 69. I did buy two of the ASE's from the 2017S Limited Silver Set that year for the 2017 S ASE's in them.
  18. cladking

    cladking Coin Collector

    I doubt it.

    I'd guess it was just "unfortunate" phraseology to express the idea that there would not be MS-65+ Morgans in such a roll. One has to suspect your grading is very "generous".
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  19. juris klavins

    juris klavins Well-Known Member

    1899 Gem uncirculated 'nice white brite' 'Top 5' Morgan dollar (whatever that means) is his #1 pick to increase in value over the next decade (for the last 18 years) - yours for only $399.10 (retail price 599.00):rolleyes: - TPG slabbed MS-62 ones sell on eBay for $200 - your choice
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  20. Gregg

    Gregg Monster Toning Supporter

    I have over 5 months experience working for SEGs.
    I assure you, I know what I'm talking about - granted, most of my work has been with buffalo quarters.
  21. Bob Evancho

    Bob Evancho Active Member

    In 64 years of collecting coins, I have never bought a coin hyped on the HSN or any TV channel. I buy from the public, I buy from EBay dealers and sellers, I buy at coin shows, I buy at coin auctions, I buy at estate auctions, I buy at flea markets, I buy at coin club meetings, I buy from pawn shops, I buy from dealers but never bought off a TV promotion. On good thing I have found about SEGS is they have the strongest holder in the TPG industry. Since TPG is suggestive, subjective grading, I buy the coin based on eye appeal and not the holder. And sometimes they get it right. Right? I hope everyone reads the reviews posted on Coin Talk from the more experienced coin collectors and dealers. Thanks for the reviews. They are an education to us who want to continue learning.
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