Coins and chess?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Nathan B., May 29, 2020.

  1. Nathan B.

    Nathan B. Well-Known Member

    For circulating coins and banknotes only, are there any representations of the game of chess, its players, lore, or pieces? I'd love to learn of numismatic-chess connections in any period and in any country. If you know of any, please post them here. Many thanks in advance to anyone who is able to contribute.
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  3. calcol

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  4. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Motor City Car Capital

    Love the game and I play it everyday, on ...
  5. gxseries

    gxseries Coin Collector

    There's three coins that I can think of - one from Armenia and a couple from Russia.

    Armenia 1996 100 dram - XXXII Chess Olympiad

    Russia 2011 2 ruble - M. M. Botvinnik
  6. paddyman98

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  7. kaosleeroy108

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  8. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Nice, I like it.
  9. calcol

    calcol Supporter! Supporter

    There were only 500 of the Niue chess coins minted (all 2018). Turned out to be very popular. Expect to pay $350-450 if you want one. Have seen certified ones going for twice that. And while it's a neat idea, I don't have one and it's not on my shopping list.

  10. muhfff

    muhfff Well-Known Member

    Estonian 2 euro 2016, dedicated to the Paul Keres (1916-1975)
    Mintage 500 thousand

    EE_2016_2E_Keres_A.jpg EE_2016_2E_Keres_R.jpg
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  11. Nathan B.

    Nathan B. Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I am familiar with the legacy of Paul Keres, but had not known about this coin--very interesting! I hope that more examples of CIRCULATING material will be posted by others here. (I have absolutely zero interest in NCLT, although I realize that others may have such interests, and there is nothing wrong with that. Each to his own.)
  12. CoinCorgi

    CoinCorgi Derp, derp, derp!

    I play there too. Mostly the puzzles or 5-minute blitzes (940 rating - too much whisky sometimes!)
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  13. Nathan B.

    Nathan B. Well-Known Member

    I also play on, but my rating has dropped about 300 points from its height. I'm taking a break from it right now, but I'm sure I'll play many more games in the future.
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  14. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Motor City Car Capital

    I play 30 minute matches, and my score at this moment is 1266 ..
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