Coin Album or Slabs?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by CoinCollector15, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I just got my complete set of state quarters but i'm not sure how i should store them. The album I want to store them in is about $30 but I could send to NGC for $12. Which is better?
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  3. FreakyGarrettC

    FreakyGarrettC Wise young snail

    NGC would be WAY to expensive. $12 a coin.
  4. kevcoins

    kevcoins Senior Roll Sercher

    album is going to save you 600$
  5. No it said $12 for a 5 coin minimum
  6. Tater

    Tater Coin Collector

    ya a minimum of 5 coins at twelve bucks each. go with the album.
  7. Ok thanks the intercept shield album should do fine right?
  8. FreakyGarrettC

    FreakyGarrettC Wise young snail

    You have to submit a minimum of 5 coins at a time @ $12 each.
  9. RCBruce

    RCBruce Nickel Nerd

    Definately an album. I have mine in a Dansco.
  10. Ok so couldn't i send in all 100 of coins for $12?
  11. Indianhead65

    Indianhead65 Well-Known Member

    Refer to post #7. The first 5 coins will cost you 12 dollars each. Which would be $60 dollars for all 5. I dont know if the fees change after the first 5 coins or not. You'll have to check their web site.
  12. Wow that's expensive. I'll just go with the album then. Thanks for the help
  13. Indianhead65

    Indianhead65 Well-Known Member

    You're welcome, thats why we're here.
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  14. walterallen

    walterallen Coin Collector

    I'm curious as to the current storage media you're using. There are many different ways to store and or display this coins. You should think about what you really would prefer before spending any tangible money.

    I prefer to be able to access my coin quite easily and I want to be able to view them quite easily, while affording myself the peace of mind that they are well protected.

    Take your time and do some real looking around.

    Congrats on completing your set. I have several and I know I will enjoy them for many years to come.

  15. Boss

    Boss Coin Hoarder

    I bought won and have my of my sets in it and the coins swivel around. No friction whatsoever. Will never buy another one. Go with Dansco. Let em tone. They'll look great after 5 years.:goof::hail:
  16. walterallen

    walterallen Coin Collector

    Hey Boss!

    This is of topic but anyway, I like your avatar. Any chance its one of yours? Nice tone job. Can't quite make out the year, looks BU. Eye candy to me.

  17. bqcoins

    bqcoins Olympic Figure Skating Scoring System Expert

    an album will be easier to look at anyway.
  18. I was plannin on buying the Intercept Shield Statehood Quarters album.
  19. walterallen

    walterallen Coin Collector

    You're probably not talking about this kind of album, but this is the easiest and cheapest way I've found to house my collect, which I view quite often. Mine tend to twist at times because I handle them a lot. I've developed a technique in turn them correct. If it gets too annoying I change the flip. I like being able to handle the coin raw at any time. Less then 5 cent a flip and 70 cents a page.


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  20. ccpena5

    ccpena5 Junior Member

    Hey Allen,
    Well what your attachment looks like is something I am looking for. I have not decided if to buy an album or do that. I need my piece of mind that my coins will be protected and I want to be able to easily see them. I have read SAFLIPS are good. Not vinyl. I am a rookie. :D
  21. walterallen

    walterallen Coin Collector

    Makes sure you use a "D" ring binder if you go with this style. There are different grades of 2X2 page holders. Some I would never use, too lite. I like the heavy duty type.

    I'm doing the Presidential Dollar series with 3 sets of P Mint and 2 sets of Denvers, on one page, so one page per year, 20 dollar face value, equal to or greater then MS65. I have to pay double to pick through 2X2's UNC Denvers at the coin shop to find ones nice enough for my set. Its about all I can really afford to do with coins right now. An investment into my grading skills practices. Its fun, I enjoy it.

    Keep on Collecting!!

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