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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Marshall, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    This was properly attributed and I still managed to pick it up for $105.

    1802 NC-1 Obverse.jpg 1802 NC-1 Reverse.jpg
    1802 NC-1 Obverse Closeup.jpg

    I believe this is 1802 NC-1 Die State II. The progression of the crack doesn't quite match up with Breen with the nub right of 2 appearing (III) before the crack is evident from the rim through b to the hair (II) on many recent finds of state II.
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  3. jhinton

    jhinton Well-Known Member

    Large Cent guys amaze me with their dedication and excitment. I really like reading these.
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  4. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I received this coin today and tried to take a close up that is a little less blurry. I was interested to see if the nub right of 2 showed any signs of being caused by PMD. Ot does not appear to be so. Wed Aug 28 10-11-04.jpg
  5. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I just picked this up. Now all I need is the S-90 to complete my rare 96 Liberty Caps.

    S-86 Obverse.jpg S-86 Reverse.jpg
    It's not pretty, but Identification diagnostics are strong.

    Obverse with a straight date and distant 6 is certainly Obverse 3.

    The Reverse stems of the inner (O) and outer leaves (I) are either together or close.
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  6. NSP

    NSP Well-Known Member

    I’m late to the party, but I have to commend you for snagging an NC for just over $100. Even though it appears to have been downgraded to an R5+ (and maybe more appropriately called “now collectible” instead of “non collectible), it’s still awesome to own an NC. It looks to be in pretty decent condition despite the fact that it circulated for many decades!
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  7. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

  8. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    This is not very rare, but a nice example of a S-234 middle die state. I also need some less rare varieties as the rare ones are filled in.

    Obverse.jpg Reverse.jpg
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  9. C-B-D

    C-B-D Well-Known Member

    Need help with these 3... thanks so much in advance.
    IMG_0568-side.JPG IMG_0570-side.JPG IMG_0572-side.JPG
  10. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    Top to bottom

    S-76 a if lettered and thick, more likely b plain edge and thin

    S-104 LIHERTY variety Second of two reverses paired with that obv.

    S-137 A touches right ribbon
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  11. C-B-D

    C-B-D Well-Known Member

    Plain and thin, yes. Thanks!!!!
  12. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    A couple of more high detail problem coins. Confirmation appreciated.
    S-113 Obverse.jpg S-113 Reverse.jpg S-190 Obverse.jpg S-190 Reverse.jpg
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  13. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    I went to our local coin club show this weekend. I haven’t bought any large cents in quite a while. One of the dealers had these three beauties that caught my attention. All are plain edged, have serious problems and just aren’t what most people collect. The best part was the price, I got all three for under $25 apiece.

    1F8C383C-A5BC-4543-A6A4-667816B4B969.jpeg F045C29B-C917-478A-AD62-CBD64A19F52F.jpeg 5FD8FD58-2E87-43B4-9EAC-E5D1B5F2AC32.jpeg C1C4C9ED-8151-4904-9E00-4A7B25A88EDC.jpeg AE1043B5-6587-4723-90F9-85CED5D69B34.jpeg 990693BC-B915-4D51-A346-51AFCEA2B985.jpeg
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  14. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    You bought a fugio for under $25?
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  15. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    Technically, he had $39 on the fugio, $28 on the 1795 and $18 on the 1796. We settled for $73 for all 3 coins.
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  16. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Still a super price for a fugio.
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  17. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

  18. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    Wonderful pick ups.

    First is a S-76b with good detail despite the damage.

    Second is Obverse 1, but no way to determine whether it's S-81 or S-82.

    Of course the third being a fugio.

    I hope you got the dealer's card.
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  19. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    The dealer is a member of our local club. He deals with more high end material and these he picked up in a collection he bought I was the first person at his booth and I was in the right place at the right time.
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  20. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I can't afford to add to my collection right now, but I coudn't afford to pass on this one. $7.50 plus $4.99 shipping.

    S-124 Obverse.jpg S-124 Reverse.jpg
    This is why I love attributing dateless coins.
  21. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

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