A vintage stash of Presidential Dollars at my credit union?!

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by Kurisu, Apr 16, 2022.

  1. Kurisu

    Kurisu Supporter! Supporter

    Unfortunately the limit is 2 rolls of each denomination at my credit union for the moment.
    It sure seems like they're digging into a fairly old boxes of small dollars this week...

    I'll be going back and checking for more of course.
    I tend to open my rolls :joyful: so I think we'll find out if they were solid freshness or not.

    Potentially 2 solid rolls of 2007s and something else maybe, didn't notice until I got home...

    Potentially 2 solid rolls of 2009s and 2010s, noticed before I left this time...
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  3. Kurisu

    Kurisu Supporter! Supporter

    I opened one of the 4 rolls last night, it was fun!
    My hunch on lots of fresh coins seems to be right.

    Many of these look like they were VERY nice just recently lol.
    20220416_184608.jpg 20220416_184525.jpg

    There were a few coins in the roll that had a similar toning patterns to this (it's a deep gold crescent...so I'm pretty sure this roll has been sitting for years

    Could explain why older dollars in the roll have some pretty toning
    20220416_184823.jpg 20220416_184848.jpg
    20220416_183951.jpg 20220416_183851.jpg

    I'm doing the other 3 rolls later today.
    These are the rejects from this roll, you can see they're pretty nice overall.

    MIKELOCK34 Well-Known Member

    I brought thirty something unopened mint rolls of Sacagaweas and twenty something unopened mint rolls of presidential dollars to the bank last year. If I had known you wanted some………..
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  5. Kurisu

    Kurisu Supporter! Supporter

    Fresh vendor rolls and Mint rolls are my favorite! :woot: Thanks for the nice thought!:hilarious:
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  6. CaptainMac

    CaptainMac Gotta Love Those Errors and Varieties!

    Awesome grab! I always look for the "Wounded Eagle" error on the 2000 P Sacagawea's whenever I come across one, as well as the doubled edge lettering on the Adams dollars :D
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  7. Kurisu

    Kurisu Supporter! Supporter

    Just some closure...went through the other rolls and there were still plenty of really nice ones, just not quite nice enough.
    None of them were solid rolls of anything, but there were also no coins later than 2009. So I'm still convinced these rolls have been sitting for quite a while in the vault.

    Here's one fun one that was in there, it's not corrosion it's just strangely green toning lol.

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