A civil war era issue for Constantine I at Thessalonica

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    Due to the pandemic I find myself unable to sustain buying coins which is unfortunate as my numismatic interests helped a lot in my quest for balance during these trying times. But some small purchases are practically unavoidable, as for instance this 11GBP copper of Constantine I:

    const inv.jpg
    AE20mm 3.38g, follis/nummus, minted at Thessalonica, ca. early 317.
    IMP C CONSTANTINVS P F INV AVG; laureate head right
    IOVI CONS - ERVATORI; Jupiter stading facing, head left, chlamys hanging over left shoulder, holding victory over globe in right hand and leaning on scepter with left hand; eagle holding wreath in the left field.
    ∙ TS ∙ B ∙ in exergue
    RIC VII Thessalonica 4, R3

    This scarce issue with a lower weight standard is part of a series minted for Constantine after he came into possession of Thessalonica in 317 following the first civil war against Licinius. RIC VII (p. 484) proposes a date to the period of conflict that saw Licinius having to retreat from his European domains, but before the city was actually de jure ceded to Constantine, in a bid by the Thessalonicans to balance their former allegiance to Licinius while at the same time appeasing the perceived new ruler. But the obverse legend naming Constantine Invictus might point to a date after the hostilities were over and the city had been ceded to Constantine in February 317. So very likely this type was struck in continuation of an issue that had started in late October 316 -- while the hostilities and the negociations had not been concluded and the city was still de jure under Licinius -- naming Constantine as Invictus after the city entered his domain, but before Constantine actually imposed his own types.
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    That one would be hard to 'avoid' at that price.
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  4. Curtisimo

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    I feel your pain about not being able to buy more than a handful of coins this year. 2020 is no fun.

    Great new addition however to hold you over until things get better!

    Here are a couple of IOVI CONSERVATORI of the rival emperors from my collection.

    Jupiter the Preserver
    Roman Empire
    Constantine I, AD 306-337
    AE Follis, Cyzicus mint, 6th officina, struck ca. 313-315
    Dia.: 21 mm
    Wt.: 3.8 g
    Obv.: IMP C FL VAL CONSTANTINVS P F AVG; Laureate head right
    Rev.: IOVI CONS-ERVATORI; Jupiter standing left, holding globe surmounted by Victory in right hand, holding scepter in left hand; eagle holding wreath in beak at left; S // SMK
    Ref.: RIC VII 3

    Ex JAZ Numismatics

    Roman Empire
    Licinius I
    AE Follis, Thessalonica mint, struck ca. AD 312-313
    Obv.: IMP LIC LICINIVS P F AVG; Laureate bust left
    Rev.: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGGNN; Jupiter standing left, holding globe surmounted by Victory in right hand, holding scepter in left hand; eagle holding wreath in beak at left; / TS A
    Ref.: RIC VI 59
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    Constantine I Thessalonica, common without INV imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-7vTkq3qecu.jpg
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