4oz Franlin Bullion

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Ferrarii52, Oct 17, 2004.

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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Look at it this way - the cost of that silver bar, 4 oz, is $42.85. Silver is currently at $7.08 per oz. Do the math. You would be paying a approx $13 to have that 4 oz of silver stamped to look like a $100 bill. So if it is worth it to you because that is what you like - go for it.

    But there are better and cheaper ways to buy silver bullion. Use any internet engine you want and look for silver bullion. You will find a hundred or more places where you can buy it approx 10% over spot. Or just go to any coin shop and purchase American Silver Eagles for approx the same 10% over spot.

    It sure beats the 30% + in that ebay auction.
  4. guysmy

    guysmy New Member

    The fact that it has "100 dollars" on it is misleading people IMO. It's already at $37.89 with 5 days to go!
  5. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    These silver replicas are indeed very beautiful. I have seen them in all the denominations from $1 to $100,000. The detail is fantastic, and yes they have some silver content. They range from 1 ounce to the big 4 ounce. I see the 1 ounce bars selling at the shows in the $20 range. For a neat collectible, that isn't the worst price in the world. For numismatic purposes or investment purposes, paying 2 to 3 times the spot price of silver isn't that wise. I actually received a complete set of these silver replicas as a gift from a customer, and I absolutely love them. If this type of collectible meets with your desires I say buy it. Just shop around for the best possible price, and keep in mind that most of the value will be sentimental.
  6. tradernick

    tradernick Coin Hoarder

    Here's a few I've had in the last few weeks.




    I also had some 4 0z round Sacagaweas and St. Gaudens replicas that sold at the same price.
    There's quite a variety of this type of item out there. Don't feel that you have to pay a lot for them. Just be patient and check the local coin shops regularly and you'll find them :)

  7. williamtipton

    williamtipton New Member

    10 -15% over spot is all I would pay for any boullion.

    If ones interested in coins, stick with non-boillion.

    I sold some really nice platinum eagles Ms 69 and got spot only out of them.
    I wouldnt buy any novelty boullion items unless its strickly for collecting.

    buy bars in 10 oz and 100 oz if silver is your game :)
  8. tradernick

    tradernick Coin Hoarder

    While these bars are very pretty if you sole interest is in accumulating silver I don't advise buying them. You can buy .999 bars made by reliable, trusted names for a small amount over the spot price...50 cents or so per ounce over spot, usually.
    The attraction with these pretty bars is that they're nice to look at and they make nice gifts for friends or loved ones. They come (usually) in a nice box and have a certificate of authenticity.
    But if you're buying them with the hopes of someday selling them for a profit, that may not be such a good idea.

  9. Ferrarii52

    Ferrarii52 New Member

    i will just wait till I see them at a good price I guess
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