25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set PRICE WATCH

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Danr, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. JJK78

    JJK78 Member

    Actually the name of the thread is "25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set PRICE WATCH" which I don't think there has been much discussion of lately. Mostly just a bunch of back and forth and arguing about how rare and popular the set is.

    If you are not going to post something about the current "PRICE WATCH" then go argue somewhere else or start a thread for "25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set 5 YEARS FROM NOW".

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  3. McBlzr

    McBlzr Sr Professional Collector


    Seems like opened sets are back averaging $700 on ebay :thumb:
  4. JJK78

    JJK78 Member

    Thanks McBlzr - I was just surfin the bay as well primarily for unopened boxes of 5 ( as I still have one ;) ) and noticed that the last 2 sold yesterday brought $4099 and $4150 each so the trend is continuing upward for unsearched sets.

    Also a box of 4 sets sold for $3000 and a single set unopened sold for $830~

    So unopened sets are roughly selling for about $800 each~ Not to shabby on a $300 investment!
  5. fatima

    fatima Junior Member

    You can get a set on Amazon for $725 now. They have been available like this for the last couple of weeks. There is a price watch for you.
  6. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    So are you just mad Fatima that you didn't buy a set for $300? Why the anger?
  7. Speedie

    Speedie New Member

    In keeping with the thread title, dealer buy prices are going up too. I sold 19 unopened sets to a dealer today for $750 each, no Ebay fees, PayPal fees, or buyer hassles. Sweet deal! Holding 6 PCGS 70 sets bought for $1,250 each from GoldMart as I believe they have a looooong way to run.
  8. Danr

    Danr Numismatist

  9. Danr

    Danr Numismatist

    I am holding out for 1K
  10. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD [Insert Clever Title]

    Guys...no more name calling. Play nice or I will have to lock the thread.
  11. kruptimes

    kruptimes Member

    Modern Coin has the A25 listed for $840 in the OGP. Click for more infomation and a disclaimer states the set is NOT in the sealed outer box.

    Kudos to Speedie, nice move.
  12. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    Man... I think we are all just feeling the preasure because bullion is slightly down. I don't know why, but I am. I feel like somone just stole money from me.
  13. gypsy_gear

    gypsy_gear New Member

    hate to say it, but I bought one the other day, not a set, just a coin for 82 dollars! Go ahead and hate? I cant help it...I'm a HUSTLER!!!
  14. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD [Insert Clever Title]

    Which coin?
  15. gypsy_gear

    gypsy_gear New Member

    25 th anniv. eagle
  16. silverfool

    silverfool Active Member

    I have to take the opposite view. if they make an S mintmarked coin from here on out then the 2011 will become the Key to the set. whenever there is a series people (collectors) want to have the whole series. this will be good for 2011S prices.
  17. fatima

    fatima Junior Member

    I did buy a set. You can check back in my post history to verify it. I was one of the first to receive the coins. You even sent me an PM asking about it. (I never responded as I only have time to answer important PMs)

    Why don't you address the topic instead of trying to shoot the messenger? It's nonsense.

    Even though I bought a set, it doesn't mean that we can't discuss the future value of these sets even if it might be negative. This automatic "lets shoot the messenger" if they say something different from the collective group think, is one of the more disappointing things about this forum.
  18. Speedie

    Speedie New Member

    Thanks! I think they have more upside from here, but there's a Biotech stock investment that I want to make in mid-February that should be a quick 25-30% gainer. Besides, nobody ever went broke taking a 150% profit in 3 months.

    Back on topic, the cheapest BIN PCGS 70 sets on Ebay are now up to $1,500. GoldMart have some flag sets for $1,450 but no idea how many.

    There is a dealer over at CU wanting 1 box of sealed sets. Offer is $4,050 and no Ebay/PP fees.
  19. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD [Insert Clever Title]

    Which one...there are 5 coins in the set.
  20. Clint

    Clint Member

    Sorry if someone already posted this update, but greysheet now says for opened box: bid $650, ask $700, and indicates rising (+).
  21. Irish2Ice

    Irish2Ice Member

    Two dealers at our local coin show had them priced at $750 per set. Would probably had taken $700.
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