2004 silver proof set

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by robster16, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. robster16

    robster16 Member

    Does anybody know will the 2004 silver proof sets follow the trends of the low mintages from the clad and mint sets? and if so i might wanna grab some more.
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  3. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    Won't know until the Mint releases the final sales numbers.
  4. crystalk64

    crystalk64 Knight of the Coin Table

    Not sure what brought the sell out but one might keep in mind YOU CAN NEVER GET THOSE PROOF NICKELS AGAIN! I just picked up another silver set for that very reason. The old saying "their not making them any more" comes in to play here. Those nickels have no where to go except UP, throw in the silver issues of the Kennedy, the Roosevelt and the statehood quarters and you have yourself a winner and have you been watching the Sackie proofs go through the roof. Buy yourself a silver set or two! You will be glad you did!
  5. Robert 29

    Robert 29 Senior Member

    Best guess would be around 800,000 sets, which would be about normal run, the problem is the Silver's don't really appear any better quality or strikes than the Clad's do, HENCE the $15. premium is hurting the silvers a lot!! The 2005 CLAD'S will again be the best investment due to this premium but you can also pick up 2 rolls for $8.95 of the Mint rolls to back up your play!! Nuff Said!
  6. robster16

    robster16 Member

    i have 7 2004 silve sets
  7. Robert 29

    Robert 29 Senior Member

    Don't feel bad robster, I got 5 Silvers and only 3 Clads, so much for being prophet eh??
  8. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    The sellouts have a lot to do with the new nickels. This is the another first in most of our lifetimes. A simple fact that the Mint doesn't get. The state quarter program has been slowing steadily. We need a whole revamping of the coins.
    There really isn't a need for the silver sets in the mind's of most collectors. Now they are cheaper than the clad set, so if you are only looking for the dead coins such as the Kennedy, Sac, and nickels, go out and buy one.
    Will they go up? Who really knows. You really can't base the logic on "they don't make them any more". There are many coins no longer being made that don't enjoy a significant premium.
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