2@@5 Silver Eagles Question

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Stop Motion, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Stop Motion

    Stop Motion New Member

    1 more 2@@5 Silver Eagles Question

    Where do you guys get them at? Which online or catalog do you use?

    I have been asking questions about Silver Eagles lately, becasue I'm trying to learn. Sorry for so many questions.
    I've been searching the web to try and find them for wholesale price, so i can get quite a few. I thought a found a website a couple of days ago, but did not bookmark it.:( Does anyone now of a place that does this? The website said if you like buy 100 you can get them for $2 apiece.
    I'm looking for the 2005 ones.
    Thanks in advance,
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  3. Pennycase

    Pennycase New Member

    I don't believe you will be able to get silver eagles for 2.00 a piece no matter how many you buy. The site may have been pretaining to walking liberty half dollars, and not actuall Silver American Eagle 1.00 bullion coins, for the silver content alone is around 7.00. You can probably find them wholesale somewhere for about 8.00 or so... My best advice is to do a search online for " wholesale Silver American Eagles " it should bring up quite a few differant websites, compare the prices and shipping charges, and decide who ya wanna deal with.
  4. Stop Motion

    Stop Motion New Member

    Yeah, I must have been DREAMING! :)
    Would be nice to get them that Cheap!
  5. Pennycase

    Pennycase New Member

    Yes it would, I would become rich very fast by making over triple profit from buying them for 2.00 a coin :)
  6. Spider

    Spider ~

    man that would be great 2 bucks an ealge
  7. Stop Motion

    Stop Motion New Member

    Where do you guys get them at? Which online or catalog do you use?
  8. Pennycase

    Pennycase New Member

    I buy mine from a local dealer.... Don't do very much online shopping anymore.
  9. Spider

    Spider ~

  10. Stop Motion

    Stop Motion New Member

  11. Pennycase

    Pennycase New Member

    I'd go for it dude, their prices are reasonable, their shipping prices aren't that bad from the looks of it.... Just make sure and confirm very small shipping prices per coin, cause if you can stay under 10.00 a coin, that's a pretty good deal.
  12. Spider

    Spider ~

    wow thats cheap for ASE
  13. CoinOKC

    CoinOKC Don't Drink The Kool-Aid

  14. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    I can't find the price on the page but I would say that if you can get them for under $9.50 it wold be great!!!

    With silver going down you might get them cheaper!!!

    If I may say one thing--you might do better to buy 1996 and 1986 ASE...they seem to be more hunted and looked for.

  15. JBK

    JBK Coin Collector

    My guess is, it was $2 over the spot price of silver.
  16. SilverDollarMan

    SilverDollarMan Collecting Fool

    I have gotten some N!CE sae's from Coast 2 Coast. coastcoin dot com $8.95
  17. mrsushi66

    mrsushi66 New Member

    I have done some real searching and everyone here has told you about what I have found. Since we cant buy direct from the Mint on BU Silver Eagles you are left with purchasing them from local dealers or on-line places.

    I did end up buying a sealed mint box from a bullion house and sold off all of the ones I didnt want to keep to try and help lower the cost of the ones kept. In the end it was a lot of work for lowering the price of the rolls I kept by about 20 dollars. I am going to try it one more time but if I have the same luck I might just forget it, who knows.

    I will probably try to do it one more time for 2006 (20th Ana).

  18. Dymaxion22

    Dymaxion22 New Member

    I have a buddy who uses Bullion Direct for all of his gold and silver bullion needs. He recommended it very highly to me -- said it is easy to use and he has never had any hassles (with either the catalog or Nucleo). I've never tried it myself, though.

    I buy my ASEs from a local dealer. I have yet to find an online site whose slight price advantage was not more than washed out by shipping and handling charges.

  19. Steve E

    Steve E New Member

    Local dealer at local show. $8.00. No shipping or handling and I get to look them over and pick the ones I want. Why go anywhere else!
  20. Stop Motion

    Stop Motion New Member

    Hey guys,
    I have one more question.

    In the coin book it says there is either a San Fransico Proof Set or a West Point Proof Set. When you order from the mint how do you get to choose, or what do they usually send you? Which one is good to get S or W??
  21. silvereagle82

    silvereagle82 World Gold Collector

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