1981 Filled P Quarter

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by mralexanderb, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. mralexanderb

    mralexanderb Coin Collector

    :kewl:I picked up a 1981 Unc Mint set so I could have the SBA dollars and I found the Washington quarter from the Philly mint had a filled in P mint mark. My guess is that the little piece of metal on the die broke away and the P got filled. Has anyone else seen this quarter before? I don't expect it to be of much value except as a minor error curiosity.


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  3. Coinlover

    Coinlover The Coin Collector

    worn die, about all of the late 70's early 80's quarters have worn dies.
  4. luc87

    luc87 Lmcoins

    it's a worn die.
  5. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    You are correct the die has chipped filling in the P. Yes this is a fairly common occurrence. It has no real premium value. If you watch your pocket change you will probably find more of them, they just won't be Unc.
  6. dfwrocket

    dfwrocket New Member

    1981 P filled and indented

    I had bought a box of these and curious by your post found all 5 sets to look the same. more of a t look indented just as yours. Image64.jpg Image63.jpg Image62.jpg
    dfwrocket25 mailed from Carson City OCT 23, 1981 Bureau of the Mint
    55 Mint ST, San Francisco CA. Had not opened box until now.
  7. dfwrocket

    dfwrocket New Member

    Also word Liberty is struck oddly I opened the second box all 10 are this way I just noticed they also have something up with the word LIBERTY looks over struck also same Oct 23 date so I have 10 such mint sets. all the letters and numbers are pressed then pressed flatter in the middle, Image66.jpg Image67.jpg

    Maybe I should ask for a refund on the defective product is what the mint said Friday. the whole front is struck off a bit. me too a new microscope I have not learned Ugh........ Thanks for any advise Ray the newbie

  8. dfwrocket

    dfwrocket New Member

    1981 error mint sets Oct 23 1981 P filled Quarter Cleft lettering.

    Hi I have 12 mint sets mailed Oct 23 1981 that are exactly the same error look closely Image67.jpg Image66.jpg Image63.jpg the letters are cleft some of mine into the rim and thay are all in original mint cello. Worn UGH! this is an error and there must of been many on October 23rd everyone I know with whole Boxes of them show the same error. look at the word LIBERTY or the date they are not formed correctly like a double Press or too much pressure.

    Thake a very close look these are all different coins from the 12 mint sets I had never opened till this last week. :hail:

    AWORDCREATED Hardly Noticeable

    How did you wear them out so bad in just a week? Is there any chance you got swindled?
  10. dfwrocket

    dfwrocket New Member

    Full Sets 4 & 2 Each 1981 Mint set Unc.

    I do not understand your comment AWORDCREATED I have a poor microscope camera the automatic led's make photos hard in packing.

    My phone is much better as a Camera, I paid $6.30 bucks each for them. the coin value face is only $4.82. Yep I was ripped off by 14.80 on this deal. No shipping cost was involved, Local.


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    AWORDCREATED Hardly Noticeable

    Not disrespecting you Ray. I was commenting on how worn some of the new mint coins look. I saw some interesting features in your photobucket pics, I got tired last night and didn't spend much time gawking, perhaps the experts can comment on the few features I point out.

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  12. dfwrocket

    dfwrocket New Member

    Oh, non taken that way. Wow, I mean no disrespect to anyone; I truly appreciate everyone's opinions as as one person I know a few things with many I find thing I never saw. I will Have to find my Photobucket what ever that is...... Ha!
    Thank you for taking time to look I got mixed up once I began to compare each to the other. While new I am enjoying everyone and their unique view point. I see this as an amazing Forum! That is why I knew I had not posted front and back of any. I had made that mistake on the 1971 S so was giving all a better look.

    I added a few to see if anyone notices anything that helps me understand the how's and why's on these 10 sets. Also, because the 1971 lesson on the Denver set not being pictured caused confusion.

    Thank you all so very much. I am amazed at the knowledge on display in this Forum and Threads. It seems some folks are really spirited and excited in these discussions. I am sure this is because they know much more than me on many topics I had never considered. Every answer is cherished as it is a person saying what they think. My Dad was always one to debate as he will take an opposing position which helps us both be stronger. Look How many folks are here. WOW I AM THANKFUL AND IMPRESSED.

  13. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    This is unusual, but I have to disagree with Conder.

    Since the design (date) is incuse in the die, it is not likely to have chipped.

    More likely, it is a result of a greased die.
  14. non_cents

    non_cents The Frisco Kid

    But a greased die would remove the mintmark, not fill it in...I would either go with die chip or die wear.
  15. dfwrocket

    dfwrocket New Member

    So I need money and own these I do not know a chipped die from a greased die does. I am researching the topic yet I have little time. I have 3 in college & Need a job at double nickels, 55, I am finding this challenging enough. I am thankful cor comments from everyone>
    What should I do with these? Advise?
  16. non_cents

    non_cents The Frisco Kid

    They really won't command any sort of premium that I am aware of, unfortunately.
  17. dfwrocket

    dfwrocket New Member

    Thank you so very much, non_cents!

    I am really not aware of what make 10 for 10 quarters close to the same yet each different that came in a row in 2 mint boxes of 5 sets each. So October 23, 1981, something was wrong with 10 sets in a row. I would love to know what yet seem to get no understandable to me a small collector whom does not usually see any error coins.

    I Just never opened them, Yet was quite surprised when I did. I appreciate your opinion. It helps me do what I must.

    Kind regards,
  18. bicusalionel

    bicusalionel New Member

    I just found. 2 1981 quarters. L on corner liberty. Is chipped out. The word liberty is right on the rim , no space between rim and word liberty. The P appears to be smudged on both of them. Is this called error ??? Or I read the comments on this sight , not sure what to think.
  19. Blissskr

    Blissskr Well-Known Member

    Your best bet is pictures of the coin and creating your own thread featuring them and your questions about it. Reviving an old thread and it's posts that were in regards to different coins isn't likely to garner as many views as a new one would.
  20. bicusalionel

    bicusalionel New Member

    Does anyone know. Sequence in numbers with paper money. Say, $20.00 bill has the numbers example. AA 23677632;33;34;35;36;37. 2006 all crisp new bills. Would someone see these as collector money? I have seen this but don't have any. any info
  21. Claudia Gonzalez

    Claudia Gonzalez New Member

    I have one 1981quarter which seems to me like it has an error, right where it says 1981 right in front of the 9 I see a number either 4 or a 7 upside down I live in Vegas so I don't know where I can take this to get it verify...
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