1970S Small Date Lincoln cent

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by carly, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. carly

    carly Member

    A friend is looking at this auction for 3 BU 1970S Small Date Lincoln cents.

    I don't know much about that variety, and the price seems too high given that it doesn't truly picture the actual coins.

    He asked my opinion before bidding, and I'm inclined to pass, but I'm wondering if anyone here has more experience with this variety and has an opinion?
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  3. Lather

    Lather Time traver Numismatist

    No way!! You can get full rolls for under 15.00
  4. grizz

    grizz numismatist

    ....informative site:

  5. jallengomez

    jallengomez Cessna 152 Jockey

    I want the contact info for your supplier if you're picking up rolls of BU small date '70S for fifteen bucks!
  6. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

    I will take all the rolls you can get me - PLEASE!

    I have never even seen a roll of these for sale (not that I have looked), but the typical pricing I see is about $40 EACH.
  7. Lather

    Lather Time traver Numismatist

    Feel free to PM me w/ Email address for a Price list.. My guy has some cool OBW rolls.. I ON my Current Price list I don't See OBW For the 70S But he does have rolls..
    Many MANY other dates in OBW.. Good Prices. Fast Shipping.. So far I have purchased Several rolls.. ALL have some Very NICE varieties... Last 1961 Roll I got had four D over Horz. D... and several others..
    I trust him.. and that is rare for me.. when dealing with OBW.

    He gets new items in and updates the list.. You can contact him.. I got the OK..
  8. BadThad

    BadThad Calibrated for Lincolns

    ME TOO! I'll buy every small date 70-S roll he has at $15!
  9. rprice12741

    rprice12741 Junior Member

    $15 BUCKS A ROLL???
    ME TOO!!!!
  10. Lather

    Lather Time traver Numismatist

    I may be off on the OBW 70S.. Sorry, Don't roast me Please.. just PM me.. Or just let me know if I am doing OK with these Prices..
    These are Some of the Items off his list..
    I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting prices..
    You will need to PM me for his Email.

    1959-P Original Bank Wrapped Roll @ $8.00
    1960-P Large Date @ $2.50
    1960-P Small Date Individual coins MS-63 or better RB @ $7.00 MS-64 or better Red @ $9.00
    1960-P Original Bank Wrapped Roll @ $6.00
    1960-D Large Date $2.25
    1960-D Small Date @ $3.75
    1961-P Original Bank Wrapped Roll @ $4.00
    1961-D Original Bank Wrapped Roll This year is known for many fantastic repunched mintmarks including the D/Horizontal D @ $8.00
    1962-P @ $2.50 1962-P Original Bank Wrapped Roll is known to have over 20 moderate doubled dies @ $6.00
    1963-P @ $2.25
    1963-D Original Bank Wrapped Roll Here is your shot at finding the 63-D DDO @ $9.00
    1964-P Original Bank Wrapped Roll This date is scarce as an OBW due to the 2 different major double dies for this year. @ $11.00
    1966-P Original Bank Wrapped Roll Scarcer OBW year @ $13.00 1967-P Original Bank Wrapped Roll Tight Wraps @ $14.00

    1968-S Original Bank Wrapped Roll These are very tightly wrapped with gorgeous coins inside @ $9.00 1969-S Original Bank Wrapped Roll- . …………….SOLD OUT
    1970-P Original Bank Wrapped Roll @ $8.00
    1970-D Original Bank Wrapped Roll @ $7.00
    1970-S @ $4.75
    1971-D @ $3.75
    1971-D Original Bank Wrapped Roll Tight Wrap @ $9.00
    1972-D Original Bank Wrapped Roll . @ $13.00
  11. xxdustinxx

    xxdustinxx I'm only a kid**

    I payed 35$ dollars for a 70s Small date and considered it good.. But getting 3 for 80 bucks you could make a little resale on that if you are a dealer. Oh and I laughed hard when I seen the small date roll for 15 dollars haha. :goofer:
  12. carly

    carly Member

    Thanks for everyone's imput. If there had been an actual picture, front and back, of the three coins I might feel better about it. I'm hoping my friend doesn't go for it.

    I also have rolls of 1970S that I got for very little, but they've all been large date.
  13. panther

    panther Junior Member

    I'd buy circulated 1970-S small dates @$15.00 a roll!!
  14. jallengomez

    jallengomez Cessna 152 Jockey

    Definitely looks small date. As for BU, who knows. I certainly would not pay that price without seeing photos of the full obverse and reverse of each coin.
  15. carly

    carly Member

    The auction ended at $118 for the three coins. Fortunately, my friend didn't bid.
  16. Shoewrecky

    Shoewrecky Coin Hoarder

    I would be interested in buying a few rolls 1960-P small date ms64+; 68s and maybe a couple more
  17. xxdustinxx

    xxdustinxx I'm only a kid**

    My uncle claims that he has a whole roll of 70-s Small dates. He is in another state right now (I forget which one) and says a man let him go threw all of his old coins and there was a roll of 1970-s coins and claims that the are small dates but I won't get to see for at least 6 months until he comes back. But if he really does HE BETTER GIVE ME SOME! :D
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