1965 Silver Dime?? MS66!!!

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Jesse Gillispie, Nov 30, 2017.

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  3. Kasia

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    Derby City coin show Dec 2 Holy Family gym 3926 Poplar Level Rd. Lot s of knowledgeable people in club and venders . Might even find something to buy . Free admission and parking. Jimmy
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  5. I will post a pic of two coins. One is a silver Ike dollar and the other one is the silver looking dime in question. The one has a thinner plastic case and it's closer to its case than the 1965 dime but they seemed similar last night. We will see with this new lighting. Well I can't tell that well cause it's so far from the plastic and the toning really does hurt the tissue test but here's a few pics of the together. 1512142110895730022913.jpg

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  6. Oldhoopster

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    What don't you understand. Additional pics don't help.

    Nobody can say for certain if your looking at the edge of the coin or looking at the edge of the insert. The ridges and grooves shown in your pics don't look anything like normal reeding found on clad and silver coins, so I believe you're seeing something from the insert. But I can't prove it, just like you can't prove your showing the actual edge of the coin. You were given recommendations on how to prove it. It's your coin and if you don't want to crack it out, that's your business. But unless you a) crack it out, b) travel to a major coin show and show it to a dealer knowledgeable in errors, or c) send it to TPG, quit insisting you have something.

    I'm outta here. "So long and thanks for all the fish"
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  7. Kasia

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    OP, this has been fun, and you've learned some things...
    But if by chance you have hit the jackpot on this, the only way to tell would be to have the coin examined, authenticated, and reholdered in a slab with the 'correct' label. It will cost you to pursue it., because slabbing costs money based on value of coin and there are costs to ship/insure, etc.

    At this point it probably is not going to be decided based on your pics on a forum. Sometimes we can only do so much.
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  8. Now regular dimes near a silver dollar a real silver dollar not the regular Ikes you can even see the copper from the other dime completely through the other case and still no copper is on the 65 dime. It may or may not be either way thank you all for the info and time. I appreciate everyone's comments but I don't need someone telling me it's not real I already know it's very unlikely and the odds are stacked against me but I figured I would ask cause I'm not an expert on coins.

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  9. Yes thank you, I was reaching out to the community before i drop more money and time into this and needed some opinions.
  10. I thought it didn't look like a normal reed either so Mabry it's a missing copper clad or something. Thanks again everyone.
  11. Just look at this pic it shows a coin through the case and shows it's copper but the coin in question you can see the eadge also. 15121432524531159552548.jpg
  12. [QUOTE="Kasia, post: 2922572,
    Dude are you in school?
  13. No what I don't understand is how someone insist they don't see an edge of a coin I think I've posted more pics than a normal liar would have unfortunately I like this forum better and that pissed you off. Dude don't worry about it if anyone believes it's not real go to a different post and let me talk to the nice people already. You put your opinion in I used to appreciate it but your just posting to much crap off topic....
  14. The only thing I ever said was it has silver edges I never said it was a silver coin. Now as far as the other forum I didn't really have one person was calling out I just didn't get as many replies and that's why I liked this one better. And to be honest I only got on this forum to ask what anyone else could think of to possibly Cause a dime to have silver edges. Someone got so mad over what a few comments? I have sat here and listened to you two trolls for the Las day and a half and I'm over it I won't even post the outcome since your such a douche.....yes I'm new to forums yes I have a hard time trying to read and respond to stupid EDITED Ecspecially when i have one person telling me not to pist pics yet thats what i made this post for then i have the other posting stupid pictures like a 13 year old. I also did talk to one cool person on the other forum and he was not the only one that I talked to and I know who your talking about and you think I'm talking about him your just as ignorant as you act over the web....
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  15. Kasia

    Kasia Got my learning hat on

    Whatever. Keep thinking you can have a silver edge on a dime with the coin itself not being silver. And obviously, humor flows both past you and you don't get the point of it.

    I think I will just add you to my ignore list. That, at least will be a better use of my time than the time I spent trying to take you seriously. Good luck, dude.
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  16. Nyatii

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    This has been like watching a slow motion train wreck.
    I needed to turn away but couldn't.
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  17. desertgem

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    I was mistaken then in my advice, as I thought you suspected the whole coin was silver rather than just the edge, which I deem as far beyond the possibility of even the whole coin made of silver. I think you have received the whole variety of answers possible, so if you deem not to have it redone, then print out this thread and attach it to the coin holder and put it away until you have more resources. No offense intended, but it isn't progressing. Jim
  18. Fred Weinberg

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    There were sure a lot of posts on this thread since yesterday
    afternoon, and I've quickly read them just now.

    If someone hasn't mentioned it yet- the reason the reeded
    edge of your coin looks 'funny' is also because of the thick
    plastic gasket. The plastic ring 'diffracts' (for lack of a better term)
    the light weirdly, and I can tell you that all (or most) of the reeded
    edge coins in those gaskets look exactly like yours.

    I assure you there's nothing wrong, or special, about the reeding on
    the coin. It's the same reason why you can't see the copper core.
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  19. 19Lyds

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  20. Fred Weinberg

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    I think we'll see that Apple video a lot more
    on this site! very appropriate
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