1944 aluminium coated steel 2 franc coin of belgium??

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by POPPY, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. POPPY

    POPPY New Member

    anyone have an idea on this allied occupation issue coin? 1944 aluminium coated steel coin 2 franc coin of belgium.its in extra fine condition.. i just dont know where to check up on its value.sooo...if anyone has an idea of its value i would appreciate your help. thanks.....;) poppy
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  3. YNcoinpro_U.S.

    YNcoinpro_U.S. New Member

    First, let me tell you something I just recently learned about the coin you are describing.
    The 1944 Belgium 2 Franc was made from leftover steel blanks from the U.S 1943 cents and then were sent over to Belgium to be used in their coins.
    As for value-I have not the slighest clue.
  4. satootoko

    satootoko Retired

    Poppy [​IMG] to CoinTalk, with either a hitherto unknown variety, or a mistaken description. :D

    The 1943 US cents were zinc coated steel, and, as YNcoinpro said, leftover planchets were used by the US Mint to strike 2 franc Belgian coins in 1944.

    KM#133 is listed in the 2006 Standard Catalog of World Coins at $1.50 in XF.

    Frankly, although I have a large number of aluminum coins from many countries, including aluminum/bronze alloys, I have never heard of aluminum being used as a plating material over any other coinage metal. Why do you think yours has an aluminum skin[​IMG]

    If you're sure it's not a run-of-the-mill steeie, please post pictures.
  5. POPPY

    POPPY New Member

    hi, it is described in an old world coin book that i have as an aluminium coated steel coin, i will tomorrow attempt to post a pic! its just that the world coin catalogue that i have is over 30years old now and it states that these coins were only made in the year of 1944. hang on for a pic.. i am because of the time difference off to bed now, so will hopefull be able to show you tomorrow. cheers and night:)
  6. satootoko

    satootoko Retired

    What book is that?

    Both Yeoman's Modern World Coins and the Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins describe the coin as being struck on US 1943 one cent zinc-coated steel planchets.
  7. POPPY

    POPPY New Member

    ahh yes! you are absolutely right 100 percent! i do beg your pardon! i just got the catalog out (by charles l krause and clifford mishler) and it does state zinc coated steel!! what a plonker i am! well... now we have that sorted, what sort of value do you think it has?? i know its not mega bucks but i have no idea? this catalog states around £3 but what with inflation over 30 years it might be a little more?? say around £6?? lol. thanks from poppy.
  8. satootoko

    satootoko Retired

    US$10.92 (6 pounds at current exchange) is 92 cents over the BU (~MS65+) value listed in the current edition of Krause.

    You graded yours at XF in your original post, and as I said in my first post to this thread, that's in the catalog at $1.50.
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