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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by jhinton, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. jhinton

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    1918-S Mule US Philippine issue: One of the great, underrated rarities of modern numismatics.

    Sometime in 1918, an obverse die prepared for the Twenty Centavo, was inadvertently used while striking Five Centavos. It is believed the error was apparently discovered rather quickly as the "Mule" has proven to be very elusive. The finest know is a single MS65 graded by PCGS with a total of nine recorded in mint state by PCGS. The 1918-S Mule, can be found in lower grades, but still presents a challenge for problem free examples in fine or better. NGC has graded ten examples ranging from EF40-AU58 with none lower and a mere two in mint sate. PCGS has graded twenty seven examples ranging from Poor 2 - AU58. That is a total of 48 from the two larger grading companies and ICG reporting none. That is less than the famed 1906-S Peso!

    A quick search on Heritage revealed only two examples sold, with the last in 2008. There is a lower grade example currently on ebay for less than $100, but it has some problems and a PCGS EF45 example just sold for $1495 buy it now. I thought that piece was over priced by a couple of hundred dollars when I first saw it but now regret not purchasing it. I believe that it was an astute purchase by an informed collector, and would be hard to replace. There were two examples in the recent Greg Pineda collection auctioned by Lyn Knight but both were problem coins, listed as an AU cleaned (hammered for 1200 plus BP) and a Smothed VF details (No sale). Problem coins will always be problem coins, and most collectors are after nice original problem free examples, that said; I believe the AU cleaned example was a bargain at the hammer price.

    The 1918-S mule is characterized by woodgrain toning, weakness in the siting figure and on later examples, a die crack on the obverse at 09:00 to 10:00 and then again from the bottom of the shield through the "9" into the denticles as pictured below. When comparing a 1918-S Five Centavo with a 1918-S Mule, the difference is easily made clear, with a wider shield and a smaller date. I find an easy diagnostic is to count the denticles starting on the right side of the "1", the ninth denticle will be under the base of the "8" on the mule and much further to the left (near the second "1") on the regular 1918-S issue.

    Regular 1918-S Five Centavo:
    PCGS EF45 1918-S Normal.jpg
    1918-S Mule Five Centavo:
    PCGS AU55 1918-S Mule..jpg
    1918-S Mule Five Centavo, Die Cracks:

    1918-S Mule Die cracks.jpeg

    The 1918-S Mule, represents a lucrative cherry pick to the informed collector as nice examples are easily sold to both collectors and dealers.
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  3. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    Excellent info.

    Thanks, I never knew this.
  4. largecent37

    largecent37 Coin Collector

    Cool, I didn't know this either.
  5. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    And it appears that the date is smaller on the mule, along with a a wider profile shield and eagle. Is this correct?
  6. jhinton

    jhinton Well-Known Member

    Yes, I mentioned that in the third paragraph.
  7. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546


    Man, I guess I don't know how to read today lol
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  8. jhinton

    jhinton Well-Known Member

  9. jhinton

    jhinton Well-Known Member


    I was able to purchase TWO!!, YES "2" 1918-S Mules in a large collection of US Philippine coins!

    These coins are extremely scarce and to be able to purchase two at once is incredible! Unfortunately they are both in lower grades (AG, F/VF) and they both have some slight problems, but with an estimated few hundred in existence you can't be too choosy..

    I will post pictures after the Chattanooga show.
  10. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Another easy pick up point is to look at the distance between the F on OF and the eagles wing. On the mule they are close together and on the regular coin they are well apart.
  11. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    :eek:ff-topic:But not to much!!!!

    1869 Judd J-769PR-63 this was the only Pattern Coin I owned from 1991 to 2003.
    That is when I had an work related accident. E-8 retirement pay was my only income + $350.00 USW month ck. so to get thru til thing were cleared up this.
    but with the economy be so what bad.I am sure they won't get the same $$$$ I did back in 2003 the opening bid is 43% less what I got for it .

  12. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Jello, that seems WAY off topic to me. I don't see how it relates to the topic at all except Jhinton showed one of the topic coins being sold on teletrade, and you are showing a coin being sold on teletrade, although a completely different coin.
  13. jhinton

    jhinton Well-Known Member

    Update on the two 1918-s miles I picked up. Both were sent to icg but I also had to send them the diagnostics and a sample of a non mule 1918-s as their graders did not not how to authenticate the coins. About a year later a sent them another one and they again did not know how to authenticate the coin. If you have one, send it to pcgs... also, I am very interested in knowing how many members might own or have seen one of these coins. I'm trying to build a census and get a realistic idea of how many exist.
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  14. Dale Broome

    Dale Broome New Member

    I have a US Philippines 5 centavos 1918 S mule coin with a die crack. Does anybody know what it might be worth?
  15. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    There's a buy it now on Ebay, they are trying to get $80.
    Condition is always a factor in price.
    NGC listing is 2x+ that price in F-12.
  16. jhinton

    jhinton Well-Known Member

    Do you have any pictures of your coin?
  17. jhinton

    jhinton Well-Known Member

  18. Darryl Rickett

    Darryl Rickett New Member

    I have a mule for sell
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  19. jhinton

    jhinton Well-Known Member

    I don't get on here as often as I use to. If you still have it feel free to message me.
  20. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    He hasn't been here since that day.

    Try e-mailing him
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