1910 Lincoln Wheat Cent - Incomplete Clip?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by stldanceartist, May 25, 2022.

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    Looking forward to your photos
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    <Pouring another cup of coffee>
  4. stldanceartist

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    All right - apologies for the delays, I got home from work last night and got immediately slammed with another project I had to work on before passing out.

    Here are the new images of the coin:

    1910 Wheat Cent.jpg

    Having taken another look at it, the line definitely does go underneath the 0 in the date...I'm still on the fence about what it looks like caused it. Some sort of plating/wash, glue, PMD, something at the Mint...I just don't know.

    Maybe these pictures help?
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  5. CaptHenway

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    The funny color/texture seems to be down inside the cut where it crosses trhe lapels. Can't tell about back on the shoulder.

    My best guess is that it was used in jewelry of some kind with some kind of plating to keep it shiny, and the cut is some sort of damage incurred when the coin was being put into the jewelry. Lincolns were still quite a novelty at the time.
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    NOOOOOOO, you were close to stepping in the big shoes of Fred Weinberg that he just vacated Oh well I am in the process of same thing, selling mine due to Illness.
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