1888 Morgan PCGS cert vertification mismatch

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by felinfoel, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Conder101

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    The slab is real unfortunately, it is a database error. There are a fair number of those with the early slabbed coins because the database was some thing that was not there at first and was compiled later allowing errors to crep in. As far as stacking they had a problem back then with the corner chipping off so the slabs wouldn't stack. If this had been one of the first generation counterfeits it would be worth MORE than he paid for the coin
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  3. felinfoel

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    I finally got the results back from PCGS: it's real.


    The reslabbing was free due to the database error.

    Thanks for all the feedback/advice. The hobby has changed a lot since I last actively collected (when I was a kid), and I have learned a ton by lurking here.
  4. Searcher64

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    I was at a show in Atlanta and was looking at UNC 1919-s Standing Liberty QT in a slab, it was a real nice one, only thing it was a 1919. So, the guy was not happy.:)-O) Check the coin and the listing on the slab to make sure it matches. I have found others like this over time. :)-O)
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