1884CC GSA VAM 5 Morgan $

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by FreakyGarrettC, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. FreakyGarrettC

    FreakyGarrettC Wise young snail

    Hi everyone I recently picked this up for an awesome price. :D I think it is VAM 5 and I want others opinions to confirm it. :) It is in a GSA holder with the box and COA. :kewl: I am probably going to send it to NGC soon and I am wondering what you guys think it will grade. :hug:

    You can compare it to this one. :kewl:

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  3. HandsomeToad

    HandsomeToad Urinist

    I agree it's a VAM-5 and I'd say MS-63 maybe MS-64. :D

    Gorgeous snab! :thumb:

    Ribbit :)

    Ps: You should send it to me for grading. :kewl:

    Pps: Nice die crack on the eagle's right wing (your left). :D
  4. FreakyGarrettC

    FreakyGarrettC Wise young snail

    I was thinking MS62/63 but IDK.

    Edit: do all GSAs rattle around in their holder? :confused:
    I'll stick with NGC. ;)
    A lot of my morgans have a die crack in that spot. There is a common (but nice) die clash on the other wing BTW.
  5. ryanbrooks

    ryanbrooks Active Member

    G-R-E-A-T coin Garrett! :D I would say MS-62. Nice VAM! :)
  6. troublesbrewin

    troublesbrewin remember rotary phones?

    I think that one is better then a MS63, but it's always hard to tell without the coin in hand.....good snag though.
  7. HandsomeToad

    HandsomeToad Urinist

    Ps: If you send it to SGS, it should grade MS-70. :D

    Ribbit :goofer:

    Ps: I should get a job grading at SGS, since I suck at grading silver. :rolleyes:
  8. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    Great price Garrett , ANA grade MS62 , tpg grade MS-63 , nice pick up .
  9. HandsomeToad

    HandsomeToad Urinist

    You should have posted this in the U.S. Coin Forum. :goof: I think it would have gotten more traffic there. ;)

    Ribbit :D
  10. FreakyGarrettC

    FreakyGarrettC Wise young snail

    Yeah I guess so. :eek:
    If any of the mods would move it for me I would appreciate it. :)
  11. Moonshadow

    Moonshadow Member

    Nice coin!!! Congrats on a great find Garrett!
  12. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    classy morgan - I'd give it an MS-62 grade from the photo unless some of those frost breaks are actually wear.

  13. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    Garrett checked all my GSA coins , none rattled that I checked , I wouldn't worry though , unless the seem looks cracked . Gotta love them Carson Cities .
  14. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    Can't be wear as it's a GSA CC taken straight from Mint Bags .:whistle:
  15. HandsomeToad

    HandsomeToad Urinist

    It's Mint Bag wear. ;)

    Ribbit :D
  16. coleguy

    coleguy Coin Collector

    Nice Morgan. I'd go 64 on it.
  17. weryon

    weryon World traveler - In Thailand

    that's a very nice piece Garrett, congratulation. I would give it MS-63 but as many said it's hard to say without holding the piece in hand.
  18. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    actually it can be. They threw circulated Morgans into those bags, although that looks like classic CC GSA sliding, clanking et al.

  19. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    I'm pretty sure that it's not considered wear until it leaves the mint , putting coins in Mint bags is part of the minting and distribution process , so they are considered hits or rubs , not wear , Doug where are you ?:D
  20. HandsomeToad

    HandsomeToad Urinist

    Yeah, they call them Bag Marks. ;) Now, if they called them Mark's Bag, then it would be referring to Mark's GF/Wifey but we won't go there. :whistle:

    Ribbit :cool:
  21. bqcoins

    bqcoins Olympic Figure Skating Scoring System Expert

    very very nice.
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