WWII Privy Mark 2020 W 'V75' American the Beautiful Quarter Samoa Park NGC MS66 25c
Small Cents item created by Kurisu, Dec 31, 2020
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    I actually never came across any W mint marks this year out here in Denver, not even from bank roll searches...but I wanted one of these :) My grandpa got 2 Purple Hearts in WWII. He was listed as missing in action twice because when the explosions wounded him most of his clothes were torn off, including his dog-tags.
    I grew up hearing Grandpa's stories, including some unbelievable stuff, all true. He was also a German translator so he had a unique insight on things.

    I was so happy to get this as soon as they showed up! For once I actually didn't care about searching and waiting to buy the highest grade I could afford like I often try to do...Grandpa would've thought this coin was cool for sure!!!

    World War 2 'V75' Privy Mark inside the "Rainbow Pool" outline.
    2020 W 'V75' American the Beautiful Quarter Series.
    Samoa Park, NGC MS66 25c.