United States and World Commemorative Proof Sets
General item created by 49ers, Feb 1, 2015
  • Displayed are United States and World Commemorative Silver Proof Sets
    ~ Falkland Islands 2008 - 70th Anniversary of the Spitfire - Proof Sterling Silver Coin

    ~ The Official Bicentennial Day Commemorative Silver Proof
    ~ America's First Space Decade Commemorative Set Limited Edition Silver Proof
    ~ United States Eisenhower Centennial Silver Dollar
    ~ United States Mount Rushmore Anniversary Coin - Proof Clad
    ~ 1732 -1982 250th Anniversary of the birth of George Washington
    ~ 1866 - 1966 University of Stellenbosch South Africa - Sterling silver
    ~ 1886 - 1996 Royal Canadian Silver Dollar
    ~ 1991 United Kingdom Silver One Pound
    ~ 1981 United Nations International Year of Disabled Persons - Sterling silver Proof
    ~ 2013 Canada Silver Proof $3 Dollar Maple Leaf Impression Coin

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    How did you photograph the encapsulated coins without getting your own reflection on the plastic?
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    Some nice proofs you got there
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