Braided Hair Large Cents
US Coins item created by Kirkuleez, Apr 18, 2015
  • I've always wanted to do a nice date set of large cents, so I started with the braided hair cents 1839-1857. Many in this set are uncirculated, but if they're not, a nice strike with full details were sought. I plan to upgrade some of them at some point, but I'm pretty happy with the progress so far.

    Of course all of you large cent collectors would agree that just collecting one of each date isn't where the fun is, so I've also collected dozens of varieties over the years, but they are not displayed here. I have no intention of going after the complete die variety set as this would be an absolutely monumental task, but I do go after some of the more pronounced variations like large and small dates repunched dates and so on.

    I think that the 56 and 57 are my favorites so far, but certainly the discovery and confirmation of the 46 as a proof strike was quite a treat for forty bucks.

    These images were taken with my iphone and a single desk lamp, so sorry for the poor quality. I'll update them if I ever bother buying an actual camera. Color of the coins is similar to what they are in hand, but the luster is just missing. Hope you enjoy.
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