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Ginza Coins
Tokyo, Japan
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    Ginza Coins -

    Specialty: They are sellers of higher-end Japanese coins. Some world coins are featured in their booth at coin shows.

    Shop: They operate out of a tiny shop in a indoor shopping mall built under an expressway in Tokyo’s famous and elegant Ginza shopping district.

    Other info: Ginza Coins have been around for a VERY long time. They have a limited online shop, operate auctions, and have experts who are featured on TV programs (similar to Antiques Road Show) in Japan, and they attend major coin shows in Japan. The staff are very courteous, formal and are highly professional.

    Language: They are not particularly versed in English nor does their website offer much in the way of bi-lingual support.

    Ginza 5 Five (Building), 1st floor.
    5-1 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo,〒104-0061

    東京都中央区銀座5丁目1番地 銀座ファイブ 1階

    Tel. +81-03-3573-1960


    How did you find this dealer? Personally referred to the senior dealer in Tokyo by friends/colleagues in Japan.

    Purchased from this dealer? Yes. About 5 pieces. +$3,500.
  4. Buffo Marinus

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    I purchased around 10,000 yen's worth of coins from Ginza Coins while visiting Tokyo last month. A small shop, but well stocked with a very friendly, helpful staff. I've been trying to make contact with them by email since my return, but without any luck. My lack of facility with Kanji and the Japanese language is probably the reason.

    One other excellent coin dealer I came across while traveling in the far north of Japan (Hokkaido) is the Kushiro Stamp Company located right in the Kushiro JR station... well worth a visit if you happen to get up that way.
  5. Buffo Marinus

    Buffo Marinus Member

  6. Cinco71

    Cinco71 Well-Known Member

    Visited Ginza Coins a few weeks ago and found it to be a pretty good experience. Not much in the way of what I specialize in (ancients), but they did have an extensive selection of Japanese coins, of course, along with a some world coins. If you want either high end Japanese coins, or even pick through their bins of 200-300 year old coins for just a few dollars each, then this place is definitely worth checking out.
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