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Feb 9, 1971 (Age: 49)
New York City
Fire and Life Safety Director

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Let me burst your bubble!, Male, 49, from New York City


It would be an error not to collect errors! Jan 25, 2015

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Apr 7, 2020 at 10:31 PM
    1. Goldsayshi463
      I used to play soccer. The ball hit me so hard that I had a concussion for a few hours and daily headaches for nine weeks and another few hours when I was nine. It’s still my favorite sport. Now I major in science and, a year ago I started coin collecting so that was part of childhood.
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    2. Ernesto Pulido
      Ernesto Pulido
      Hey paddyman98 , check out my post for
      1955 d wheat penny RPM.
      I think I finally got something
    3. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Happy Birthday paddyman98,

      According to our records today is your birthday.

      Many Happy Returns of the Day!
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    4. Gigi63
      Hello Paddyman98, I found a coin that i can really use your expert opinion but i don't know how to send a specific member my thread. i would appreciate it if you can take a look at it...Captioned What is going on with this coin; posted today
    5. Chip Kirkpatrick
      Chip Kirkpatrick
      want To send you some pix but can’t figure out how to do it here? Is it possible?
    6. Rose collector
      Rose collector
      Hey pal had a good time have a couple more coins . Maybe check out thanks
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    7. John naumann
      John naumann
      hey paddyman, it's Newbie know it all. I have another coin on the errors forum and i would appreciate your opinion of this coin. I really need better cam, but please take a look. It's a 1946 speared Abe. thanks
    8. greed ball
      greed ball
      Hi Paddyman98 I am Greed Ball and I have a 2000s Lincoln Cent Proof that I believe is a CAM and not a WAM. I would like to have your idea of what it might be. I can not send a picture at this time because there is no add image option that I can find.
      Any info is appreciated about sending a photo.
    9. agrace97
      Hi! I posted a few forums of some pennies that I thought were interesting. 1967, 1959 D, and two 1982 pennies. Would love to have your opinion!
    10. Gunshotrob
      Paddyman98 we spoke on a few different occasions and I picked up a couple of coins I would like to have your opinion on they're supposed to be from the ad error send you a couple pics if you don't mind please get back with me and let me know about them..
    11. Bluntflame
      Hey Paddy, I need your help. I got another coin, but it's possibly a first time this error has been seen on a half-crown. Could I get some help?
    12. MommaHenn
      Hi Paddy! I would like your opinion on a thread I posted regarding Sacs & Pres dollars. If you wouldn’t mind looking at “Questions about incused edges on Native American & Presidential Dollars” in the Error Coins forum. Thank you
    13. FooFighter
      Hey Paddyman,
      Good morning this is Foo. I'm writing this email to see if you can re-send me that pic of you next your bed with all those grades coind?
      I was amazed by the magnitude of your collection. Can you remember this pic? I looked but cant find it.
      So please if you could, thanx.
      Have a great day,
      Foo out
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    14. Mernskeeter
      Will you go to my Horseshoes and Hamdgrenades post and look at my coin and tell me what you see and answer my last question. I'd apprieciate your input and bluntness.
    15. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Happy Birthday paddyman98,

      According to our records today is your birthday.

      Many Happy Returns of the Day!
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    16. Hagenhomestead
      While stalking Sensei's page, saw your old post. He'll shoot it straight & shatter your dreams, jk. Im the most cross eyed perfect vision guy here. They've taught me a Lot. @paddyman98 & bossmen have shattered my dreams (lol) but they've taught me so much. I respect the in your face, tough love/lessons/knowledge. Kill it @shilines!! I now insert my "Bow to your Sensei Emoji" here. Have a great day guys.
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    17. shilines
      Hey Paddyman, I trust and value your opinion. I just posted a new forum in the topic Error Coins, The title begins like this:Either I am cross eyed or..... Will you hop on and check out this 1972 I found?
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    18. tammiGee
      pm98, thanks for clearing that up for me on the missing clad dime....after I read and saw your examples I took my knife and made a small cut and it shined like a silver silver sword! Hey could you take a look at the ? I posted on the coin chat forum? Looks like PCGS is too busy to returned inquisitions. Thanks again, TG
    19. SmokinJoe
      Nice Fish Paddyman!!......" No common cents! " I love that!!!...Hee Hee! Wish I would have
      thought of it first!! ( that means I am probably gpnna borrow it )
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    20. lovecoinswalkingliberty
      Why did you change your custom saying?
      Just asking
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      2. paddyman98
        I'm a huge soccer fan. World Cup starting soon. My team is España!.. Spain
        The jersey logo they use is from the Spain flag that states PLUS ULTRA.. Which you can also find on many coins minted in Spain.
        May 17, 2018
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  • About

    Feb 9, 1971 (Age: 49)
    New York City
    Fire and Life Safety Director
    Hi. I have been a collector of mint error coins since the mid 1980's. So much info found in books and on the web have been my resources to be more involved in this hobby. I would love to one day find something unique and amazing to post and share (I have). NGC is my primary attributor of Mint Errors coins that I submit.
    I also do metal detecting where allowed in New York City and I have found some pretty amazing coins, medals, artifacts and jewelry. Hope to hear from other error coin enthusiasts at any time. :hungry:


    - Mr Ed.
    (Specializing in collecting errors since 1985)
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