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Jun 12, 2013
Dec 22, 2007
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Jun 25, 1955 (Age: 67)
Northeast Georgia as of Jan 2013

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Squirrel Hater, 67, from Northeast Georgia as of Jan 2013

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Jun 12, 2013
    1. Hobo
      I WISH I was 18.
    2. jaceravone
      LOL! I saw at the bottom of the main page of CT your name with (18) next to it. And I am saying to myself.... I know Bruce is not 18 years old what is up with that!!!??? Then I saw where it was the number of posts.... not your age!!! LOL! That was funny. Joe
    3. tmoneyeagles
    4. Hobo
      The coins are as depicted in the photos. They are Hobo Nickels that have been carved from Buffalo Nickels. Some are Original Hobo Nickels and some are Modern Hobo Nickels. Glad you liked 'em.
    5. Mumbapuri
      Hi Hobo, nice pics of "Hobo Nickels", thx for sharing, just curious is it photo-shopped or did u actually get those hammered :)
    6. saylorv413
      Hi hobo,
      Thank you for the last letter with the great Morgan on it I like my Morgans too. I have an 1880o that is wonderful as I have some from the all the early ones. I will most likely never get rid of them as they are few people that are willing to pay the price they are worth. I hope to here more from all the coin talk people.I just bought 2 2006 Eagles and they are nice to but just not like my Morgans.
    7. sketcherpbr
      yeah, we celebrated it today here at UT, that picture is everywhere!
    8. Hobo
      That's correct. You are very observant, sketcher. I thought I would honor Darwin's 200th birthday with my avatar. I was able to find a contemporary image where his head was placed on an ape. (I kinda like it myself.)
    9. sketcherpbr
      Nice avatar, 200th birthday of Darwin today (I think)! Maybe it was the 9th. but i think it was the 12th...
    10. nam71
      Hey Hobo. Thanks for the invite. What is a hobo nickle? Shows what I know about coin collecting, but I'm learning all the time. (nam71) Sonny
    11. Hobo
      Ooops!! I've cleared out a few so fire away!!
    12. acanthite
      Hobo, please clear some mail out of your inbox, I can't send you a PM. Thanks!
    13. Hobo

      I'm not a BIG Hobo Nickel collector but I like them and I do buy one every now and then. I collect a bit of everything (I guess I'm a Type Collector) and my coin money gets spread thin (especially thanks to the Mint and their First Spouse coins and the UHR St. Gaudens Double Eagle).
    14. Hobo
      Snaz, check your e-mail.
    15. cwtokenman
      Thanks for the friend invite Hobo. I was a little surprised to read that you are not a big hobo nickel collector. What is your favorite series?
    16. snaz
      hey hobo, I tried emailing you about a counterfeit coin using the email function here at CT butbim not sure if it works or gets blocked by spam filters. Let me know if you got it alright.
    17. RSweatt
      Hi, I have a $20 gold coin proof edition in honor of Jamaica's 10th anniversary of independence. How can I find its value?
    18. Hobo
      Nice try, Lafayette (aka Isaiah, Ishii, $incere, 1909-S, et al). But it looks like I was NOT mistaken after all.
    19. Lafayette
      Your mistaken about me. I suggest you go back to the shield nickel thread.
    20. Hobo

      That's a tough question to answer. On one hand I have to think there is intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe based simply on how many other stars there are and how many solar systems that exist. If even a tiny, tiny percentage of them can harbor life and if a tiny, tiny percentage ot them have intelligent life there could be thousands if not millions of other advanced civilizations scattered across the Universe.

      On the other hand, I find it hard to believe that aliens are visiting Earth but do so clandestinely making crop circles and performing alien abductions. If they are advanced enough to travel across the incredible distances of space to successfully reach Earth I would think they would make it a priority to make their presence known and to contact the leaders of various countries (like Klaatu did in the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still - a GREAT movie).
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    Jun 25, 1955 (Age: 67)
    Northeast Georgia as of Jan 2013


    Confucius say, "Young man not know much".

    ANA LM-3799; CONECA L-216; OHNS LM-59; SUSCC R-4005.
    oins stored in bank safe deposit box.