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Sep 22, 2014
Jan 10, 2010
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Sep 22, 2014
    1. TypicalCreepahx
      Do you have a website/shop with pics with your E-MAZIN toner buff's?
    2. WeirdFishes
      Hi there coin dexter, cant get over some of your incredible buffs. Would you entertain an offer on a particular piece? Message me if interested. Thanks much!
      1. coin dexter
        coin dexter
        Which buffs are you looking for? I in the process of selling off most of my collection. If your interested contact me at
        I very rarely look here. Best regards.....Joe
        Oct 30, 2013
    3. jello
      Clad Proof in the late 70 thru 1985 or
      the purple Proof set. Are very interesting when it comes to toning .
    4. bsowa1029
      Hey, I don't know if you saw my post about that 1963 proof Franklin you posted with the toning, but I was wondering if you'd consider selling it.
    5. protovdo
      You my friend, get the award for the best screen name.
      1. coin dexter
        coin dexter
        Thanks!! ....Joe
        Oct 30, 2013
    6. Mojavedave
      Hi ! Coin Dexter. I really enjoy your photo's of the Buff's. I love Buffalo coins and although I have many, none compare to what you have in quality. I would love to have one even half as good as one of yours, but I suppose one would never be enough. How long have you been collecting these
      terrific looking coins ? Do you collect other old type coins ?


      1. coin dexter
        coin dexter
        Hi Dave,
        Sorry this is soooooo late in response. I never even look here at my messages, sorry about that. I'm an old fart and have been collecting for decades. Most of these buffs you see me post have been in my collection long before the grading companies were around. at any rate yes I love Buffs and I also collect other coins. Contact me at
        Oct 30, 2013
    7. McBlzr
      You have some great pics. How do you get such good close-ups? I have tried 3 different cameras & a scanner, but not any good luck with my pics.

      John in AZ.
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