"Eclectic Box" Collection

My small "core" collection of Ancient, Medieval, World & US coins & tokens

lordmarcovan, Dec 27, 2016
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    • lordmarcovan
      ~*~*~ Lord Marcovan's "Eclectic Box of 20" Collection ~*~*~

      In 2013, I decided to pare down my collections and simplify to a single "Box of 20" for everything, hopefully to focus a bit more on quality than quantity. Still, pursuing quality is an ongoing challenge on my budget.

      The idea is a freestyle "Box of 20" collection with no parameters or restrictions except that the coins must be certified and the collection is limited to twenty pieces. (When one comes in, another must go out.) Otherwise, anything goes.

      In a way, I have narrowed my focus by limiting myself to just twenty slabbed pieces, but on the other hand, I've opened up my horizons to pursue whatever catches my fancy, be it ancient, medieval, modern, or even some tokens and medals. It sort of feels liberating to be freed of the constraints of collecting "sets". Now I can collect what I like and not be a slave to any predetermined "structure". But as the coins get nicer, I suspect it will become more and more difficult sentimentally for me to stick to the "one in, one out" rule.(December, 2016): After more than a decade of hosting my images on Photobucket and a brief go on CollectiveCoin, I thought I'd try putting some of my collections here.

      This is, of course, an ever-evolving work in progress.

      Note that the full information on each coin (additional pictures like slab images, full writeups and personal comments, and hyperlinks to related information and history) is included in each coin's caption.
    • John Anthony
    • mattie
      Ahhh, the freedom of freedom. Nothing like a bunch of gibberish to make so much sense. I wish it were always so easy. Good luck with the 20. I admire your..aptitude. Lol.
    • Theodosius
      I think this is a great way to form a collection. You have chosen really interesting, diverse, and quality specimens. Each one makes me want to learn more about the period from which it comes. Nice work!
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