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    Glad I found this site. I have been a collector off an on since I was around 10 or so (40 years ago).

    My earlest memories of collecting involved waiting for my father to come home from work so that I could go through his change. Most of my collection of Lincolns, Jeffersons, and Roosevelts were pulled from circulation and carefully added to my blue Whitman books. At the time i had an allowance of a quarter/week and could not afford to save quarters. It was not until my mother bought me a subscription to CoinAge did I make my first coin purchases. I would peruse the magazine and find coins that i needed and could afford, then I would insert cash and coins into an envelope an await my new coins.

    My collection never evolved much past that initial collection until I was a few years out of college. At that point i began collecting the more expensive coins to fill those initial collections out. Fast forward to my late 30's and I began to collect silver bullion coins which I have continued through today.

    In my bullion (1 ounce) collection I have:
    - Complete set of PR69 Silver Eagles. My only slabbed coins.
    - Complete set of Silver Pandas, minus many variations. (just discovered the variations 2-3 years ago ---- I will add as many of those as i can) ---- proceeding with caution here
    - Complete set of Silver Britannias (97-present)
    - Complete set of Kookaburras
    - Complete set of Koalas
    - Complete set of Philharmonics
    - Complete set of Mapleleafs with about 1/4 of the variations. Working on them.
    - Most of the proof Libertads except for 5 dates. I do have two 1983 proofs, one as a single, the other as part of a packaged set. Libertads are my favorites. Very difficult to collect due to scarcity. Used to get them easily on eBay whenever one appeared. But now a couple of new ebayers have arrived and are willing to pay way over value for them. I lose auctions regularly to them, and have to wait for seconds and thirds.
    - Mexican Series I 10 Peso coins (lack about 12). Even more difficult to find. Most of my collection came from a single ebayer who apparently had the whole series.
    - Bahama Two dollar coins 1966,1969-1981, 89,91: Coins actually minted by the Franklin Mint, still attractive coins.
    - New Zealand All Black coins (both variations), I have multiples of these. Way over priced but I like them anyways. BTW, if you ever buy any of these, buy them from the NZ mint. The exchange rate is very good. You will get them a lot cheaper then domestically.
    - A few other types of unique silver coins.

    As you can see, I am probably an undiagosed obssesive compulsive:)

    I'll probably add Mexican Series II 10 Peso state coins eventually, assuming I can find any at reasonable prices. I think that i enjoy collecting the hard to find coins because it brings the joy of the hunt back to me, that I once felt as a child Today, most of the coins I want, I can now afford (I do not have expensive taste) , it becomes mostly just a business transaction --- it lacks the hunt and the discovery.

    Long introduction, I know. But i will soon be venturing into junk silver, silver bars and the hobby of metal detecting.

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    Welcome to the neighborhood!

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    :welcome:glad you can join us :thumb:

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