Greetings! My name is Jay.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Coin.King, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Greetings! My name is Jay, and I live in Ohio. I like to collect foreign coins, and I do not collect them to sell for big bucks later. I enjoy hunting for them, and when I see something that catches my eye I'll go for it. As for countries I like best to collect, they would be France, Argentina, Spain, and the good ol' UK! I like the French coins with the interesting women on the front with their interesting motifs, the Argentina coins have very interesting fronts (including women with fluttery hair), and I have coins from Spain as big as a half dollar to small one smaller than a dime. As for the coins of UK, I have a very special set my family across the Atlantic gave me that show the shield of England. The one coin has the whole thing with it showing the union of Britain with Scotland (and maybe Northern Ireland). The rest have a part of the shield. Also, I have some old coins with King George the 6th on them, from the old half crowns to shillings. The several have it showing "IMP.IND" (emperor of India). I recently bought some coins that are not very clean or nice, but what I find interesting is the designs on them. Of the three (years varying) two have the same back on them while another differs. Oh yes! I also like a lot the coins of Venezuela with the hero from that country (Libertador). I plan to put some images with my top tens. I have 2-3 sets of top tens, for I have them in different containers. I often get a magnifying glass out and look over them with enjoyment. A lot of the ones I have are not real currency now, but that is irrelevant as they are fun, interesting, and gives a bit of history found therein. If you would like to share from what I've said, I'm the Coin.King and I'm available.
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    Welcome to the neighborhood, Jay!

    I don't collect French coinage, but I do collect French medals from the 19th century. Many of the allegorical designs on our US coinage of the 19th and early 20th centuries were actually inspired by French medalists. Like French medals, some of the French coinage depicted Marianne, the symbol of France.

    If you open "My Profile" and scroll down the left side to "My Albums" you will find one album there devoted exclusively to Marianne.


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    Welcome to coin talk!
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    Welcome to Coin Talk, Glad your here!
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    welcome to cointalk!
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    welcome, jay!
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    Welcome aboard Jay ;)
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    Welcome to CoinTalk, Jay! These are all really nice folk that are allway willing to lend a hand, so if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

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    C.K. what city are you from? ... Cause you could be like "Chicago Jay" or "Miami Jay" Just saying.

    Good luck on your collection

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    does it matter?? who really cares. chicago is in illinois, and miami is in oxford... one of your examples is in ohio. please, next time, pick two ohio cities. but even then... who cares if he is from cincinnati, cleveland, columbus, oxford, dayton, toledo, akron, youngstown, or wherever. do you plan on robbing him???
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    Welcome to CT :hail:

    This is really uncalled for.
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    sorry. my bad.

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